The Intensity of Flux

The Intensity of Flux by Derek Haines

The Intensity of Flux

The passage of life, as it blunders along,
With the constant of change, and fears that belong,
To the twists and the turns of each passing day,
It just ebbs and it flows as each day rolls away.

A vast sea of change with tempests and storms,
Followed by calms and fiery red dawns.
Never in time will a day ever pass by,
When there isn’t a need to smile or cry.

In love as in life, or are they one and the same?
The flux is intense, as change never goes lame.
With breakneck speed, with galloping pace,
Is life just a challenge, a simplistic race?

To see who survives each booby-trapped day,
Just to make nightfall, and inwardly say,
“I made it again, I survived every turn”,
But isn’t it just for some peace that you yearn.

For just a few simple stanzas in a life so long,
Where the pace will abate, and a constant belongs.
For just a short while, a becalming in bliss,
I am sure we all crave this tempting small wish.

Alas it’s a wish, and those genies are rare,
So onward dear friend, but onward with care.
Watch for the pitfalls, the traps and the bait,
And the villains and vultures that lie in await.

Yet through the times, of calamity and test,
There always is joy, and life at its best.
The moments to treasure and remember for years,
These moments of joy that will wipe away tears.

The making of new friends, true friends to last,
To share many years, and then reflect on the past.
Fresh passions of love, are so rare but so sweet,
Those few precious moments will forever be sweet.

Of death, and of life, and of birth I say,
The three stages of life, but only two last one day.
The middle is the battle, the relentless intense,
Of flux everlasting, from birth until death.

Written by Derek Haines


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