Nasty Four Letter Words

four letter words

I am certainly not a prude, but when it comes to writing and communicating, I do try my best to be polite and refrain from using words that could upset people. We all know about these nasty four letter words that tend to litter modern communication, but as I said, I prefer to stay within the bounds of decency.

While not wanting to promote their use, I do think it is worthwhile to list the most offensive of these words. If only to serve as a warning to some that the use of the words in this list should be avoided in polite conversation. This is certainly not a definitive list, so please feel free to add your own offensive four letter words.

I have ordered these words by offensiveness, so therefore words appearing towards the top of this list are of higher offensive value.

WORK : Probably the nastiest four letter word in existence. Use of this word should be avoided at all costs. The offensive value is not diminished in compound nouns such as housework, homework or part-time work.

BANK : Once a word that carried a sense of trust, it has now been polluted so badly that the mere thought of an institution carrying this name can lead to repossession and notions of suicide.

BILL : Extremely offensive to many. Reference to these pieces of paper that make demands for money can cause serious offence. Never utter this word.

EURO : Once a very fashionable word, it has now been tainted by failure, and if uttered too often in certain circles, it can cause attacks of clinical double-dip depression.

SAVE : A nasty little word now used by money-hungry banks in an effort to convince all us little worker ants that we should cut back even further on our bread and water consumption and put more of our non-existent income in their safe hands. Even if it means extending our credit card limits even further.

FUND : A cunningly devised word that sounds so innocuous and friendly. But in reality, it is a horrid scheme to rob pensioners of their last remaining dollar to ensure their entire retirement is spent in poverty.

NEWS : Once a trusted source of information, it has now become the official propaganda mouthpiece of political extremists and economic evangelists. Not a single word is to be believed anymore, and research has shown that exposure of more than eight minutes per day to this new news can cause irreparable brainwashing.

Please feel free to add your own offensive four letter words.

6 thoughts on “Nasty Four Letter Words”

  1. Hi Derek!

    I will have to make a point of watching what I say from now on. I know I've been guilty of uttering many of these on more than one occasion in the past. Hopefully, those within earshot at the time weren't too badly offended (they were probably too polite to say anything).

    Another possible candidate for your list, I think, would be "FREE". Oh sure, it looks innocent enough, but the price attached to most things that are free is a wolf in a sheep suit.

    Thanks for keeping the world decent, Derek.

    Kind regards,

  2. I have noted those four letter words. I am ashamed to admit, as a parent I have used one or two on occasion. Now I am armed meaning and fully prepared to filter how I speak. The use of the "save" word is my biggest problem.
    Great Read,

  3. Quirina Roode-Gutzmer

    Your posts always make me laugh. Thanks Derek. Oh there is another terrible four-letter word. SPAM.

  4. Thanks for these, Derek.

    I was going to add Royal Wedding, but I couldn't get it down to four letters.

  5. I'd say "work" is the worst of the lot – vilely over-rated activity, and to make it worse still, anything that doesn't "pay" seemingly doesn't count.

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