Colours of You

Colours of You by Derek Haines

Colours of You

 The yellow of sunshine rises in your smile.

Blood red passion at thoughts of us entwined.

The green freshness of spring in our love.

But blue I am blue when I am away from you.


The colour of moonlight shining in your hair.

Aqua depths in your eyes.

And a magenta glow in your cheeks.

But blue I am blue when I am away from you.


The ochre of earth in the trueness of your spirit.

And the pure white of honesty in your heart.

Silver hopes of a future in love.

But blue I am blue when I am away from you.


And a golden promise that we hope to make.

But blue I am blue when I am away from you.


Written by Derek Haines


12 thoughts on “Colours of You”

  1. But Brown Eyes are just as beautiful.

    Brown Eyes

    The eyes I adore are brown and so clear,
    They tell me the things that I love to hear.
    Brown eyes that sparkle when they look into mine,
    And they tell me of love so pure and so kind.

    Her eyes dance and sing, and shine all the while,
    And when they look into mine, there’s always a smile.
    These eyes are magnetic, and they tug on my heart,
    ‘Cos her brown eyes keep saying, “Don’t let us part”.

    But part we must do, at least once a day,
    And each time it happens, I hear her eyes say,
    “I’ll be as quick as I can, just wait and see”,
    And I wait for my brown eyes to come back to me.

    1. Kathleen Crossley

      Hi Jack! Looks like I’m your gal! ; )
      And, BTW Derek, I believe there are only two eye colors left with the exception of Liz Taylor and her violet eye,so get to stepping! Don’t be a slothful slacker. : )

  2. Kathleen Crossley

    Yet another example of fine literary art Derek, reflecting the many colours of you.

    You are a man of many talents who has been blessed from up above.
    Your musings colored with honesty, sincerity and oh, of course, Love.

  3. What an absolutely beautiful poem, and the presentation was wonderful. It filled the senses, and the imagination. Thank you.

  4. Thanks. It makes me think of her. So, now I am leaving here to spend some time with her.

  5. Fatima Rosales Naya

    I love the complexity of the people we love and all the different aspects of their personalities expressed in colours. Brilliant! Thank you.

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