The Angel of the Storm

angel of the storm by Derek HainesANGEL OF THE STORM

Rolling in like anger,
Growling from the North,
Seeking out to lash,
At the innocence of earth.

Charging in with power,
Delivered by the Gods,
Prepared to vent its wrath,
On some poor forgotten sods.

And to its wrath, she warns,
“Come closer, come closer”,
“To the Angel of the Storm”.

“I open out my arms,
To your fearsome groans,
“I am the Angel of the Storm “.

“Fill me with your power,
Until you are forlorn,
Yes, I will dance with you,
I am the Angel of the Storm”.

The skies clear slowly,
Releasing sunshine warm,
And back she goes to boredom,
The Angel of the Storm.


Written by Derek Haines

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