Shadows of my mind by Derek Haines


Shadows meander through the sunshine of my mind – all the time.
Casting doubt, despair and grief on daily wonders – how unkind.
Twisting, turning, bending, pasting darkness on my light – they are mine.
Shifting ever deeply on the thoughts that I would wish – sorrow time.
Go away and darken somewhere else I beg. And not be seen – crying time.

Stay on then and darken every thought I have that’s gay – please go away.
Oh still you cast your darkness even though I’ve begged your grace – it’s another day.
Who gave you such permission? Who gave you such a right? – T’is who I say.
But deafness is a virtue of the shadows dark and mean. Evil. – Don’t tell me what to say.
I’ll stand and fight your umbra, flee at last I will. Yes, I will. – One day.

That day I’ll rid my mind of you and then I’ll stand alone – without you.
Shadow of my deep regret, pall of sadness all alone – please enjoy the view.
From where you’ll live when I have tossed you out for all to see. – even you.
Deepest, darkest, feeding on regret, I’ll see you out, please to mind your step – adieu.
I don’t believe you, veiled are your threats. You sunless brute I hate you. – I do.


Written by Derek Haines

6 thoughts on “Shadows”

  1. Derek love the way you used rhyme to give further meaning to your piece – wow you should write poetry more than every 4years


  2. Penelope Haines

    The sadness and grief move me….. This is not a mindset I share, but you articulate the pain and suffering so exquisitely I see it’s reflecting in a dark mirror.

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