Watching the city crowds hustling by,
All rush and scurry, frowns and sighs.
Busily filling their days with moans,
I wonder how many spend their nights all alone.

The crowds I watch and study with wonder,
All over the world have left me to ponder.
How much loneliness want and despair,
Is hidden in crowds, and how many care.

Only the lonely know the cold of the air,
Without the warmth of someone who cares.
The feeling of oneness, alone on your own,
The waiting for the seed of love to be sown.

The sight through the crowd of young lovers embraced,
To sense the warmth with which they are graced.
Brings a smile to my face, but an ache to my heart,
As I know that tonight I’ll be alone in the dark.

How many like me, are alone in the crowd?
Would the lonely respond if I shouted out loud?
Put up your hand if you’re alone just like me,
Would the show of hands be a wavering sea?

Or would the hands of the crowd stay down?
And leave me alone, wearing a frown.
Or is there just one hand raised in the air?
The hand that I seek, to hold, and to share.

A life that is full, with joy in our souls,
To care for each other until we are old.
To love and adore, and cherish each day,
I will just wait for that bliss to venture my way.


Written by Derek Haines

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