Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

1910 Fruitgum Company

I’ve been wanting to have a post title like this for a very long time, but had in my mind it would have something to do with food. But alas it hasn’t. I was watching French television last night and during a commercial break my ears twitched as an advertisement started playing – ‘Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got love in my tummy!’ Although not at all interested in the food product that was being advertised, I was interested in the music. The 1910 Fruitgum Company were a pop group in the late sixties that started what became known as bubblegum music. I can’t think how long it has been since

Formatting An Ebook

poor ebook formatting

Formatting an ebook is easy. One of the common questions I am asked is about formatting an ebook for Smashwords. While many think it is difficult or even tiresome trying to get a manuscript passed by Smashwords, the truth is that it is very easy. So long as you understand that you are preparing your ebook for a number of formats. For those used to publishing on Kindle, it often comes as a surprise that the file you uploaded to KDP is unsuitable for other formats. The reason is simple. Kindle converts your file to their one proprietary format and so long as it fits on the screen, you pass.

Changing My Reading Machine


When I first bought my Kindle, I was in love with it. Not because it was pretty, technologically fancy, and not even because it was cheap. Why I was in love with it was because I could finally read in comfort. My old eyes were starting to struggle with the font size in some books and the simple ability to adjust the font size to a level that made reading a painless pleasure again was a ‘sight for sore eyes’. At the time, I had an original iPad and although it had iBooks, the screen resolution wasn’t good enough to be able to read in comfort. So I continued happily

The Sons Of Cleito by Derek Haines

The Sons of Cleito

  And now for something completely different as the saying goes. After writing the first half of the first chapter of this book well over one year ago, and then not knowing where to go from there, it took a very long time to finally get around to writing this story, and finding the remaining thirteen and a half chapters. In the end, it may be classified as a thriller, a mystery, a fantasy or even an out of love story. Whichever classification it falls into though, it does have a lot of Greek gods, spirits and titans to contend with. In brief, it’s a story about someone just like