Seductive Mashed Potato Secrets

potatoesThere is certainly no better way for a man to impress a woman. Just demonstrate your prowess and dexterity in the kitchen before tackling the other rooms in the house. To help those who may need a little guidance, I have a few secret seductive mash potato tricks that will get you on your way. Now girls, stop reading here and I will see you in tomorrow’s blog post.

Right gentlemen, here we go. First thing to do is make sure you buy fresh potatoes. The green ones with 2 inch eyes growing out of the potato basket are for the bin this time.

Next, peel and chop in quarters and boil in salted water until soft. And I mean soft! Now for secret number one. Let the potatoes rest, off the heat but still in the water, for five minutes. It helps increase the starch content. Drain, and then return a low heat. You will see the water evaporating. Then add a good lump of (real) butter, and mash. Now, secret number two. Get ready to add some (real) cream, (or milk or half and half). But add it while the pot is on the heat. (This heats the cream/milk quickly and keeps your potatoes sparkling white.)

Now mash away to your hearts content, adding a little milk again until it’s nearly creamy. Then secret number three. Change your masher for a strong whisk, and whisk like you have never whisked before. Until your arm aches. You will notice now that your mashed potatoes are extra light, fluffy and beautifully smooth. Just like you!

Last little secret. For an added extra, try finely chopping some mild white onion or spring onion, and stir into your heavenly potatoes.

Now fellas, the next secret is the most difficult. Getting your lady to cook something to go with them! Good luck!

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  1. WOW ! A man who can cook and cook well.
    I think that you have touched the very depths of my soul.

    How did you get my recipe for mashed potatoes Derek ? ;)

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