Sexual Relations And Overdue Dinner Invitations

dinner partyI know it is an old gag, but here goes anyway.

Q. Mummy, do you and Daddy have sexual relations?
A. Oh, well, um, yes, Freddie. Why do you ask?
Q. Why don’t you ever invite them over for dinner?

Which leads me directly to overdue dinner invitations. There is always a long list for us that keeps us saying, “Oh, you must come for dinner one evening!” This, of course, means that we forgot completely and just suddenly realised that we owe our friends an invitation, but with having to wash our hair, clean the car, visit the family and recover from a stressful week at work, we just cannot really be bothered this week. Or the next or one after that, for that matter.

So we just bumble along with, “How ‘bout I give you a call, and we’ll arrange something for summer?” Which is, of course, code for, “Phew! I got outta that one!”

The other part of the problem is that I really like to socialise and get intoxicated on Wednesdays. It is such a nothing day that it cries out for social activity. Unfortunately though, as you probably have deduced already, very few, if any, of our friends feel the same way. Kids need to get up early for school, or have to be in London, or just simply, ”What? Mid week! You’ve got to be joking.”

So, back to my original point, which was……………….?

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