Angel of the Storm

The Angel of the Storm

ANGEL OF THE STORM Rolling in like anger, Growling from the North, Seeking out to lash, At the innocence of earth. Charging in with power, Delivered by the Gods, Prepared to vent its wrath, On some poor forgotten sods. And to its wrath, she warns, “Come closer, come closer”, “To the Angel of the Storm”.…

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Restless is the wind


Restless Restless is the wind, That blows in my mind, Never knowing from where, Or to. Unceasing indecision, Lost in foggy visions, Dreams that last the night, Morning fright. Stability in confusion, Breathing an illusion, A past haunting, A future daunting. The sound on the breeze, Humming with unease, Shivers in my gut, Pain in…

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