built to destroy


Blackout Why have I always built to destroy, I seem to have done it since I was a boy. Labours of love, I have passionately built, Only to smash them, and wallow in guilt. Build then destroy, Build then destroy, Why have I done this since I was a boy? Work t’wards my goals, achieve…

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What verbs you are using

A Choice Verb

How do you choose a verb? For those of you who are scribblers, do you ever stop and consider what verbs you are using? Or do you think about what verbs you are using? It is easy to It is easy to surmise that verbs as grammatical, but I prefer to perceive them as vocabulary. I receive…

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Hello Friend Credit my account with your friendship, And I will return your change with a smile. For I know we’ll neither overdraw, Once we have stood the test a while. A friendship is always growing, From its early first sown seed. And with the gentle art of caring, It will grow at a steady…

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