restless by Derek HainesRestless

Restless is the wind,
That blows in my mind,
Never knowing from where,
Or to.

Unceasing indecision,
Lost in foggy visions,
Dreams that last the night,
Morning fright.

Stability in confusion,
Breathing an illusion,
A past haunting,
A future daunting.

The sound on the breeze,
Humming with unease,
Shivers in my gut,
Pain in my heart.

Lost in anger and remorse,
Never set a course,
Hope the fear subsides,
I cannot find my stride.

Am I the balloon?
That escapes the child’s hand,
Lost to the sky,
Watch the child cry.

Decisions seem so easy,
Why is my stomach queasy?
The doing is the fear,
I am holding back a tear.

Wait for the time,
My life will find a rhyme.
One day,

Written by Derek Haines

6 thoughts on “Restless”

  1. Read it thrice. May read it again. Amazing stuff! You’re amazing! =)

    *Big* fan.

  2. Poignant. A welcome change from ‘Serious faces/No more tears/Big Tits’ although i found it strangely amusing.

    I oversit you, my friend. I oversit you.

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