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My take away vampire

The McDonald’s Vampire

I have been asked numerous times why I don’t write in popular genres such as romance, paranormal, vampire, urban fantasy or stories that involve wizards and pixies. Well, the honest answer is that I am just plain hopeless at it. But in an attempt to pacify the calls, here’s a good example of why. The […]

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Writing Your First Book

Your First Book

Tips for writing your first book One important decision to make before writing your first book, or second or third for that matter, is to decide if it will be written in the first person or third person. I was typical of most when I wrote my first book. It was about me, so naturally,

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The Passing Of Maria

For Maria For those who have read my book Louis, you will recall one of the main characters, Medeia. In reality, she was a wonderful, courageous and charming woman, whose real name was Maria. She was the wife of Louis and her passing at the age of ninety-nine now closes the final chapter on her life and

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