Hopeful moonHope

The glimmer of hope in a future unsure,
Beckons to me with unceasing allure.
Filling my solitude with thoughts so clear
Of the love and the life that I hold so dear.

The memories linger, of the gentle touch,
And the smiling eyes I crave so much.
Hands so soft, and a heart so warm,
I dream of the day we can again share a dawn.

Life can unfold in mysterious ways,
All I can do is pass through the days.
Living with hope, full in my heart,
Of the day that may come, that we’ll never part.

I will wait for that day, but not wallow in gloom,
I’ll be chasing the sun, and catching the moon.
Swinging on stars, flying in style,
Sliding down moonbeams, wearing a smile.

I will paste on the moon, my smile each day,
And give it a push and send it your way.
So look to the night sky and you will see,
The smile I have sent you, then return one to me.

The future’s unsure, but hope is still there,
And with a smile each day, and a heart full of care.
I will look to the future, and just hope for the day,
That life and luck will send you my way.

Written by Derek Haines

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