The Dreamer and the Siren

The Dreamer and the Siren

The Dreamer and the Siren

The Dreamer was awoken,
By words never spoken,
Just the font of fate embellishing his screen.
And his mind began to open,
To the sense of new emotion,
He relaxed and felt it touch him, pure and clean.

A Siren in the corner,
Aloof, but somehow warmer,
Awoke this weary Dreamer with a song.
A reposed and haunting place,
Where she hides behind a face,
It is now the place they feel that they belong.

The Dreamer and the Siren,
Fighting, loving, crying,
Sharing hearts and minds together as if one.
Retreat together warmly,
After battles fought forlornly,
‘Cause they cannot ever part from being one.

From poles apart they merge,
As one, it sounds absurd,
But a fierce bond is building; it is true.
And the mystery that’s shared,
‘Tween the North and South now paired,
Will be tested by the wide Pacific blue.

Reality comes calling,
On the Dreamer in the morning,
Will he ever stroke or feel the Siren’s hair.
Drifting through his fingers,
As a gentle fragrance lingers,
And he feels the heavy weight of his despair.

But the weight is quickly lifted,
By a thought that through him drifted,
Of the magic that the mystery woman brings.
To hear her laugh so sweetly,
And she types her words so neatly,
All combines, to make him want to sing.

Does he dare to become bolder,
As their fierce passions smoulder,
Or step back from the edge, Oh yet again!
As they both have done so freely,
At the edge of trust so, so nearly,
They comfort one another back again.

To the quiet soft repose,
Of a friendship as it grows,
Ever stronger, ever truer, day by day.
The Siren and the Dreamer,
Choose a friendship that is deeper,
And together keep reality at bay.

And as time will pass together,
With nae tie or tether,
The two will always travel separate lives.
But the bond they feel so strongly,
Will rest within their minds, so fondly,
As they countdown to their difficult goodbyes.

An enigma and a riddle,
And a puzzle in the middle,
And the mystery; the Dreamer tries to solve.
Will enchant him all the while,
As the Siren wryly smiles,
“Be patient” all will naturally evolve.

As crazy as they seem,
These two are bound by dreams,
As destiny has dealt a fateful blow.
A gulf of time and space,
But they have found their place,
And wait patiently for the next time…… “Hello”.

Written by Derek Haines

My Clown I Love You


Excerpt from My Clown, I Love You.





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