A Time To Be Me

A Time To Be Me

A Time To Be Me

How much of life is ours to make?
Do we make our own mistakes?
Or do we live to others rules?
And work through life with borrowed tools.

Do we own our lives we lead?
Are we just here to simply breed?
And fill our time with useless tasks,
Am I the first one who has asked.

What is the point meek existence?
I plan to put up some resistance.
To make a life for some to see,
It’s now time, time to be me.

I’ve lead a life by all the rules,
I now return the borrowed tools.
The house, the wife, the kids, the life,
Of toil and debt and constant strife.

I tried, I did, I toiled away,
Worked to the rules every day.
I made mistakes, but God I tried,
But I could not share my life with someone who lied.

I must admit it was not by choice,
No one seemed to hear my voice.
As all I knew had fell apart,
But I refused to wallow with a broken heart.

I’ll now make my life a simple one,
With time for work and time for fun,
For friends and places I want to see,
With a hope for love, but time to be me.

Written by Derek Haines

6 thoughts on “A Time To Be Me”

  1. Poignant – I hope you found the ‘you’ you were searching for. From the sound of your regular posts, I’d say you have!

    It’s something I continue to strive for everyday.


    1. It was an old poem Cyndi, so I can happily report that I indeed have found the real ‘me’. A little crazy, but delightfully content. :)

  2. It’s True!
    now-a-days,i hven’t been able to live life as i wanted.i was not getting time for myself.your poem feeds my mind and i realis the TRUTH.i wasn’t me for long days.
    your poem answer me whatever i was doing.
    thanks a lot!
    are you professional writer?

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