Places I Have Seen


I’d like to tell you of the places I’ve been.

I’ve been to London to visit the Queen.

When I arrived she wasn’t home.

I think it’s because I forgot to phone.

I went to Memphis to see the King.

When I got there he wasn’t in.

Someone said the King was dead.

But I’m sure he was just asleep in his bed.

I flew to Berlin to see the wall,

But when I got there, there was nothing at all.

Just the Brandenburg Gates big and bold.

I’ll search again before I get old.

When I went to see the Pope.

My luck was out, I felt like a dope.

He was making saints in Croatia somewhere.

So I just got to see a big empty chair.

I’d like to tell you of the places I’ve seen.

And all of the people I’ve never seen.

It’s always the same wherever I go.

I should have been there a month ago.

Written by Derek Haines

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