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Show me a place where freedom is realMy recent post about politicians had me searching my files for a verse I wrote some years ago. I had forgotten that my choice of vocabulary had been so graphic, so be warned before you go on to read this that it does contain some very course language. The image I have selected should also warn you that I have stripped my normal veneer of respectability and ventured into the uncouth.

If you haven’t hit the ‘close window button’ by now, there is nothing more I can say that will deter you from reading on.

Reading the verse again now only serves to remind me that nothing at all has changed in the years since I penned it and that the false hope we continually place in our politicians and ruling elite is just that. False hope and misplaced trust. So what has changed since the Romans?

Show Me

Show me a place for my humble existence,
Where I can survive without constant resistance,
To unequalled division of natural resources,
And an inhuman reliance on military forces.

Where our elected elite don’t cocksuck the greedy,
And don’t piss on the poor, the average and needy.
The anger I feel when I see corporate greed,
And corrupt use of money, not driven by need.

Show me a place with compassion and care,
A place of clean soils, and breathable air.
Where children can run, freely to play,
Not just be prepared for their first slaving day.

Show me a place where taxation is fair,
Where the poor pay their tax, and the rich pay their share.
Where the voted elite, are held to a call,
After they grab all the tax, and then fritter it all.

On the frivolous whims of the powerful few,
And to the needy and poor, they say “Fuck you!”
“Be grateful you’re breathing” they think with a sneer,
“You’ll have forgotten we’ve fucked you”, by the election next year.

Show me a place where freedom is real,
Or am I just dreaming of an unrealistic ideal?
Well, my friend, I will dream.

Written by Derek Haines

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  1. We used to call it “cheekitis.” however what your cartoon fails to show is the irregular one with his head up his own ass, interrupting the chain. All would probably be well except for them.

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