Stupid Day

No ware and tare on mi keyboard today. Just a little stupidity.

8 thoughts on “Stupid Day”

  1. I moved to Natchez for three months in the late 90’s. SO glad I didn’t stay! Although I wouldn’t mind heading back down for a minute to check out the 0% off and crap sales. I’d also like to check out M YASS. Not sure how I managed to miss it while I was living in the great state of Missippi.

    Thanks for sharing, Derek. :)

  2. Love the ‘5 years to many’. Must be a 5 years of famine followed by 5 years of many kind of thing. At least they have faith, or a really inexpensive banner maker.

    Perhaps they have too much faith in their cheap banner maker.

    The grocery chain I shop at has a ‘Blue Menu’ line that indicates heart healthy products. Last week I saw a sign trumpeting their new BM Taco. I stood there chuckling like an extra from ‘Beavis and Butthead’. Does it help you have a bowel movement or does the sign refer to it’s contents?

    Their VP of marketing is probably from Quebec and does’nt catch all the little land mines that litter our language.

  3. Thanks Derek. Just what I needed. Loved the MYASS one the most. Laughed so hard my cat thought I had gone barking mad.

  4. Fatima Rosales Naya

    Well, I am happy to say I work in a pubic shcool and we never have fresh crap on the menu!

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