A Greek Tragedy

Money LendersWith the economic austerity measures now being inflicted on Greece, is it any wonder people are in the streets getting angry, and unfortunately now violent. When you take away peoples’ jobs, homes, pensions and hope, what the hell do you expect? Even in one of the oldest civilised countries in the world.

The fault once again, as history has repeated so many times, it the ultra rich getting pissed off at losing a little money (that god of all things rational and good) and wanting its money back on their over enthusiastic lending. While Greece had a single Euro ( was it any different under the Drachma?) left in its reserve, there were those who lent, lent, lent until the time came that there was nothing left in the Greek government’s coffers after paying the interest.

This is little different from the money lusting Sub-Prime mortgages that banks of high esteem lowered themselves to in their savagely greedy attempt to extract the last (blood) cent from those who had no (stones) money in the first place. The insane search for profit from those who have no money to start with is just economic insanity beyond belief and typifies the greedy times we are in. Economic and financial insanity gone completely mad.

There are now hints that France could have its AAA rating reduced because of economic concerns by Moody’s. Well, this will really help. Already the mere mention of this (mythical and pie in the sky rating) has had a detrimental effect on France. Send up some smoke, and all the money hungry lenders start seeing fire.

If the trends continue, the selfishness of the money lenders of the world who see nothing except dollar signs and returns on foolhardy investments, we will all be soon living on the streets fighting with rocks and stones.

I’m currently reminded of one of my favourite Douglas Adams quotes:

“This planet has — or rather had — a problem, which was this: most of the people living on it were unhappy for pretty much of the time. Many solutions were suggested for this problem, but most of these were largely concerned with the movements of small green pieces of paper, which is odd because on the whole it wasn’t the small green pieces of paper that were unhappy.” (Adams, “Prologue”, _Hitchhiker’s_, 1).

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  1. Our society is cyclical, much like ecosystems. Just as a grassland becomes a coniferous forest which is then displaced by deciduous trees, our economy begins with a lot of hard working people producing goods followed by a service/consumer based economy (with massive debt loads) followed by war.

    When a country owes a crippling debt to another, it is faced with few choices. Usually the deadbeat will find a reason to declare war. Win or loose, they can pretty much forget about the debt.

    One thing you can count on; the rich politicians and their children will sit safely at home (one of their safer homes – out of the country) while the poor will be drafted and pulled away from their wall street sit ins to go and die.

    In the end, it comes down to us. We get the government we deserve. Voter apathy is nothing new but we tend to forget about it until we see yet another arrogant politician showing his true colors. The mayor of Toronto is in the news this mooring for abusing the 911 staff. He called them to complain about a reporter asking him questions in his driveway. “Do you F*%$#@ know who I am? I’m Rob F*@5#$@ Ford, the mayor of this F@#%& city.”

    So his privacy is worth more than the life of some family enduring a home invasion on the other side of town? Makes me want to run over to the recruiting center to sign up for another tour. I should feel privileged to spill my blood in the sand for a man like that…

    Sorry, Derek that turned into a bit of a rant, but I’m pretty sure we have a few conflicts on the verge of springing up. It Irks me to no end that the idiots pushing us to the brink of war will sit back at home and watch it on their big screens.

    1. But then Andrew, times are changing. Gaddaffi discovered this. Although I must admit most of his family are living the life of luxury elsewhere at present.

      I mention this because I had the ‘pleasure’ of teaching one of his daughters a few years ago. It was an eye opening experience in filthy money and arrogance. Half way through a course she would decide she wanted to go shopping in Paris! So the bodyguards and minders got into gear and off she went within minutes of her whim. Leaving me like a stale parsnip.

      Then when she’s had enough of spending a bucket in Paris, she would fly back and expect her f%&*ng lesson to continue.

      Power corrupts. Always has, always will.

      1. I had the “pleasure” of personal shopping with a Princess once. *NEVER AGAIN!* I quite understand, Derek.

    1. Jack, I was looking at that earlier when it came up in my dashboard – good post.
      I tried leaving a comment (not quite the rant I left above) but it blocked me from using my google ID.

      Are we no longer on speaking terms or is it just another Blogger issue?

  2. Walter E. Haas

    Plato’s Republic:

    Greece home to western democracy has been taken down by fascist selling military
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    class,and sell out by their Illuminati rulers.Of course Public&Private Partnership-Joan Veon.com.

    Plato wanted intellectuals to rule even if by deception.Tavistock Institute.com,and research in the universities promoting social engineering is not Plato’s Republic

    What NWO is,is nothing more than elite fear of losing power,and to retain it false doctrine.Agenda 21,Norman Dodd,Antony Sutton,Rockefeller,Rothschild,Ralph Nader,Max Keiser,Lindsey William,Lyndon La Roach,Ron Paul,Bob Chapman,
    Gerald Celente,Kucinich,Tim Rifat,Adrian Salbuchi,etc. have exposed the NWO,FED,EU,IMF,WB,TLC,RIIA,CFR,Crown,Brussels,EU Central Banks,NGO’s,
    Foundations,Chuches,Unions,MIC,etc,ALL Corrupt-Supreme Court,Senate,Congress PHONEY.Religion corrupted for NWO.

    How stupid can the Sheep be.Tavistock Institute.com-CFR.com-Bush,Obama,EU
    state New World Order 24hrs a day with free Trade Agreements-North American Union-Lou Dobbs.

    Immigration is destroying North America for the NWO.CFR-Dream Act.

    Regulation of free trade-stop immigration-reindustrialize USA.Stop NAU-Enforce US Constitution.

    CFR and FED with Foundations,MIC,Tavistock,Public&Private Parnership are conspiracy to destroy the US Constitution,and open the borders world wide.

    These people take oath to uphold the US Constitution.The Fed illegal.North American Union ilegal-Illegal immigration illegal.Failure to enforce US law illegal.
    Wars illegal.Congress fails to exercise its authority.Who controls the purse-FED.
    Who controls war policies-CFR-FED-MIC,etc.

    A fool knows you cannot compete with third world labor educated.They will destroy
    America and the west as they are doing now.You can’t compete with manual labor
    of third world as they will take your jobs as they are doing.

    Outsourcing of jobs.Communist Manifesto 1848 is it part of democratic party USA.
    Research John Coleman-The Committee of 300-You Tube.Republicans fascist.

    Both parties fail to enforce the U>S. Constitution,and are bought by the elite.

    Have you noticed how they want infrastructure for NAU,but they don’t want industry
    to rebuild USA-Donald Trump.

    It has been stated that Rothschild has 50 % of his money in Asia-Sassoon???
    It is said Rothschild owns 80% of Israel.This may not be true please research for facts.

    Donald Trump states how degraded the USA is,and why.Outsourcing,Investment in China,India,Russia at expense of USA and western Europe is problem if it destroy
    security of USA.

    Nature says diversity-Fascist NWO says consolidation,so they can control retarts.

    Norman Dodd-Conspiracy to dumb down the USA and world for elite rule.Tavistock
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    Social Engineering,Brainwashing,mind Control.John Coleman-Committee of 300
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    Rockefeller in conversation with Arron Russo-You Tube exposes the intent of the NWO.Democracy:Freedom to Fascism-You Tube-Agenda 21-1/7 Syndrome of Control-2012 Nibiru World War 111 Obama Martial law Conspiracy.Jordon Maxwell
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    Joan Veon.com Prince Charles,NAU,Public,Private Partnership,rip off of rich and their puppets.Christopher Story-EU Corruption1/3 You Tube who is kidding who???

    Jessie Ventura-Water-FEMA Camps-Denver Airport-Armageddon-Plum Island.

    Leo Zagami-In The 2012 Amageddon-You Tube

    How stupid can sheep be?

    Walter E. Haas Search Google.com God Bless America

    1. Please stop these political tirades Mr Haas. This comment section is made available for conversation and polite interaction and is not a place to profess you political platform and agenda. While I rarely delete comments unless they contain profanity, I will have to delete any future comments you make on this blog if you continue to abuse the open nature of this forum.

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