Joining The Wusbands

Wusband is a totally new word for me. The meaning I well know, but have used descriptions such as house husband, homme au foyer or simply lazy soul in the past. This new word however, is much better as it describes me perfectly, and in only one word and two syllables.

So what makes me a wusband? Well firstly, I have a very intelligent, educated, hard working and at times stressed wife who works an uncountable number of hours each week. Secondly, I am good at ironing, cooking, shopping and knowing which button to push on the washing machine. I am also a bit of a dreamer with projects that are a sometimes rather abstract and prone to long term procrastination, so setting machines running and then going off to have a good think really suits me.

I do have my responsibilities, and take these very seriously. When I remember to do them that is. But my wife seems happy with my application and near completion of my tasks. Our arrangement allows us time to be together on the weekends without any domestic chores, and although it may be strange for some, we are very happy with our socially inverted roles.

With the changes in our society over the last twenty or thirty years, it would be interesting to know how many true wusbands there are out there. I am sure there are more than we think.

5 thoughts on “Joining The Wusbands”

  1. I'd like to first ask.. Are you for hire ? haha
    I think there is a definite discrimination when it comes to so called " role reversal ". People can't seem accept a man staying at home while a woman is out at work. Who says staying at home isn't work anyway ? The difference is that you really don't have a boss. Well, not a real boss anyway. Sometimes the demands and the schedule that we inflict upon ourselves can be very rigid. The best part is not having to get up and out by a certain time each day.
    It all comes down to what works for the individual couple. If it works for you that is all that matters. The rest is nobody's business. (spoken like a lady)
    Props to you for enjoying each others company on the weekend. That is quite a feat ! lol

  2. Wusbands are everywhere but just not "talked" about. I believe they deserve a lot of credit. And kudos to having no domestic chores on the weekends. And what did you say was for dinner? :)

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