There’s My Wallet. In The Freezer!

freezerThe older one gets, the wiser one gets, as the saying goes. Well, this may be true for some, but personally I go by the motto that as every day goes by, one million of my brain cells go missing. I have a theory that they are escaping through my ears, but I haven’t been able to prove this as yet. The other theory I have is that my most enjoyable but probably unhealthy lifestyle in my younger days may have taken its toll.

It’s is easy with hindsight to know that I did some terrible things to my brain and body during those years, but I reacted as quickly as I could and began a new and totally healthy regime. About two hours ago.

That’s when I discovered where I had misplaced, or should I say carefully placed, but quickly forgotten, or carelessly placed and couldn’t remember, my wallet.

It was a mystery for some hours, but the Sherlock that I am refused to be beaten. I backtracked on myself and all the movements I had made during the day. I knew I had it early in the day, because I went shopping, and normally the shops want money. So therefore I had my wallet then. I think. Or I thought.

After a number of hours, I was at a loss and almost ready to call the bank, credit card companies, health insurance and however many other little plastic card providers. I had no worries about cash, because I have no money.

Then I became depressed, and gave up. I couldn’t face all those phone calls. Best to leave them for my wife I thought. Then I did the only sensible thing. I drank beer. But the effect wasn’t fast enough, so I resorted to the whiskey. I just love whiskey on ice.

So I opened the freezer to get some ice cubes, and lo and behold! That’s right. I had my wallet in my hand when I returned from shopping and had trouble manoeuvring the left overs Tupperware containers to make room for the Fish Fingers I bought.

Silly me. Cheers! Hic!

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3 thoughts on “There’s My Wallet. In The Freezer!”

  1. Ahh Derek, We all become forgetful with age. It's a law of human nature. I have not experience this as of yet. I am always on the ball. I never miss a beat. haha
    As far as becoming wiser. Life teaches us more than books.

    I guess it was about a week ago when my mother said that she had something to tell me. Mom proceeded to say that she had misplaced her false teeth. After frantically searching the entire house and retracing her steps she began to panic.
    Guess where her neighbor accidentally stumbled upon them..

  2. Wendy (aka quillfeather).

    Derek, as we say in New Zealand – you're such a dag!

    Hoping you will have other post opportunities for your humble readers for when/if you misplace your goods/wallet again….

    All the best with your new health regime by the way. 2 hours is good… well done. Cheers :)

  3. It is better than finding your trainers in the fridge! Yes I did that…it was to cool my feet down…honest!!! LOL

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