5 Topics That Should Be Banned From The News

Banned from the newsAs most people do, I like to scan the news with my breakfast and catch up on the events of the day. Not so long a go, I did this with something that was called a newspaper and was, believe it or not, delivered by a man at 5.30 in the morning. However, times have changed rapidly and I now do my news catching up on my iPad complete with a plethora of ‘news apps’.

No matter that the technology has changed, there are still so called news items that should be, and more accurately, should have been banned from newspapers and electronic news a long time ago. I know I tend to be a little negative at times, but the following supposed newsworthy topics make me very negative at the mere hint of them and usually result in me humphing and grunting something unrepeatable and totally improper at the breakfast table.
1. Reality Television – This is NOT news. It’s drivel and it’s only use known to mankind is to keep the commercials from bumping into each other. I would prefer headline news about the commercials in fact.

2. Israel and Palestine – Not wanting to offend anyone here, but the story has been the same over and over again for fifty years. This topic should be banned from the news until someone actually really does something. Anyway, there is only any activity towards the end of each US presidential cycle, so it will probably ban itself until the next cycle.

3. Bimbos – I’m sure you could make a list for yourself here. But anyone blonde and supposedly attractive that has never done a solitary useful thing in their life other than drink champagne and get arrested a few times is definitely not news.

4. New Medical Cures – These always annoy me. Once you get past the headline, it goes on to tell you that the brilliant new drug that will cure Toenail Cancer forever ‘may’ be available in 20 years after more research and testing on a few unwitting pygmy tribes.

6. Has Beens – Now what was his name? Tiger something?

8 thoughts on “5 Topics That Should Be Banned From The News”

  1. Let's not forget 'celebrities' (including politicians) who hook-up, break up, melt-down, crack up, get arrested or find religion.

  2. Akhen1khan2 aka Jack Eason

    Celebrities, politicians, politics, wars, hooliganism, brain dead sports people, socialites etc being interviewed. Derek, the list is endless. Try finding one feel good story each day if you can. I trawl my way through the newspapers via Google news each morning, and each morning I keep telling myself, "why bother?"

  3. thiswritelife

    Oh Derek, the things I could tell you about the news cycle. How about a front page story featuring a supreme court justice that has not spoken independently from the bench in over five years, with no interview. And the news that is toned; what you read in the morning is changed for paying clients to what you hear in the evening. And if the hotel that the heiress was arrested at gets mentioned, by the end of the day, that has been cleansed from the story as well. Somedays I believe the only original writing is in the sports section, how sad is that? And if Snooki gets referenced as an author one more time, I believe I will cause a workplace violence issue.

  4. Reality shows offer a fascinating glimpse into the human psyche, and bimbos will continue to be newsworthy as long as society continues to be infatuated with them. Number four made me laugh. Number five should be celebrities pleading for forgiveness because they got caught in some illegal or otherwise compromising situation, which they would not actually BE sorry about if they were not caught.

    p.s. Your blog is turning into a favorite – must check out your books…

  5. So glad you're enjoying the blog Lala. And I have carefully noted your ps. Don't tell me you have fallen for my cunning marketing trap? :)

  6. Fatima Rosales Naya

    I totally agree with you on the Palestinian front, as I remember this conflict going on when I was very young and my eldest sister used to sell stuff to help this cause.
    May I also add world famine, please? This is something that infuriates me beyond anything else I can imagine. Again, as young children in primary school (40 years +), we all put money into envelopes for UNICEF to help poor kids in Africa. It is obvious that there is more than plenty of money to go round in those countries, but their selfish leaders keep it all to themselves, buying luxurious cars, yachts, etc, etc This is the biggest hypocrisy and injustice in the world, which nobody wants to fix because it’s not in their interest to educate people in case they realise what crappy governments they have and revolt. Arab spring, anyone?

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