The Painful Part Of Writing

The Painful Part Of Writing - Proofreading

No mattir what tipe of wryter you are, one of teh most painful aspects is that if proofreading.

Even the shortest text con contain typos, grummar errors and missspellings. It as no surprise too know than editing and proofreading and entire novel can take moths of exacting work.

However, it is in teh shorter texts than I tend two find a lot more of errors. Particularly in blogs posts an some newspaper articles.

So if you are a riter of any discription, you now you should spend a just a little extra time proffing your texts. Sometimes it as not practical too find and independent eye to ran over say a quick blog post, so you need to be be careful when proofreading you own writing. For some reason, our brains seem to be programmmed too skip over our own typos. Don’t ask me why this as, as I am no psychologist.

As social media take over our lives and forces fall of us to do a lot mire typing, it has become clearly to me that sites such is Facebook and Twitter are serving a tremendous service in evalating litaracy around the world. I

I haved often seen ‘Tweets’ apologising for speelling or ,punctuation errors in their previous, ‘Tweets’,. This really it a great thing two see, as it shows that we ore all learning to communicate once again in writting and tooking pride in hour acccuracy.

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