Evidence of Gloth. Hiding behind Jupiter. Sorry about the shadows. My iPhone’s flash didn’t work.

While many of my readers will be familiar with my semi-skilled ability to scribble words down in a cunningly clever order, few may know that I have in fact a second remarkable skill. Part-time astronomer and astronaut.

Although it is not something I brag about very often, I do take some degree of personal pride in having discovered a new and very secret planet that hides itself behind Jupiter. The planet is called Gloth, and it is quite attractive with a lovely moderate climate. Probably the only downside to my discovery it that it’s populated by a bunch of control freaks who have been secretly pulling our strings here on Earth for almost forever.

Not to say that this is such a bad thing as once you get a bit of an understanding of what these Gloth chaps have been doing it helps explain a few of our long lingering human mysteries. You know the ones. Why are we here and where did we come from? Who is this god person and why don’t us humans like each other very much?

So now that I have a clear understanding of what has been going on all this time and am in possession of all the answers to all the questions, I suppose I should combine my two semi-skills.

I wonder how many books it will take?

End of post plug: Yes, I am the author of the Glothic tales series of books which began with February The Fifth, continues with HAL and will be followed by more when I find the time between my busy schedule of interplanetary travelling and incessant navel gazing.

Amazing New Planet Discovery

2 thoughts on “Amazing New Planet Discovery

  • 16/05/2011 at 4:58 pm

    Ah that explains it mate. Silly me, I thought that large metal thing in your garden was a giant garbage can :)

  • 16/05/2011 at 5:15 pm

    It was Jack, but I rather cleverly converted it into a nifty little space craft:)

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