The Fading of the Siren

The Fading of the Siren

The Fading of the Siren  

In the mists of a new morning,
Came a new and sudden dawning,
To the Dreamer and the Siren as they played.
Their game of metaphors,
Was over now because,
All fears and defences were allayed.

Their trust had grown strong,
And now they could belong,
To each other, in a very special way.
To love each other deeply,
From afar, but yet so sweetly,
And to live their lives from day, to precious day.

The Dreamer and the Siren,
Now simply Man and Woman,
Can begin a brand new journey into time.
The future all unknown,
But with love now fully grown,
They can merge and meld together in their mind.

They both had waited ages,
For life to turn the pages,
To the chapter where their happiness began.
And now each page is turned,
They wait patiently, yet yearn,
For a day they’ll be together, hand in hand.

But wait and yearn they will,
From afar until,
The moment they have waited for arrives.
With love and trust and care,
Separation they will bear,
Until the day, they can join their lives.

Reality will come calling,
On them one new morning,
Then he will know the softness of her smile.
And she will feel his hand,
And their eyes will understand,
That waiting half a lifetime was worthwhile.

And from that moment on,
Joined by life’s new song,
The distance gone, and two are now as one.
True love will find a way,
For them to always stay,
Together, side by side, where they belong.

“Ahhh..What is love?” she asked,
At a time, so long past,
“This is it my Darling”, now you understand.
The peace, the trust, the caring,
And two hearts full of sharing,
And a simple want to be, hand in hand.

This story has no end,
For love can never bend,
To suit a standard meter or a rhyme.
These two will love forever,
And they  will surely, never
Hide behind their metaphors again.

“I love you”, says she,
“I love you too”, says he,
So openly and honestly and warm.
Their love so pure and sweet,
That their hearts will miss a beat,
Every minute, of every day, forevermore.

Written by Derek Haines

My Clown I Love You


Excerpt from My Clown, I Love You.





4 thoughts on “The Fading of the Siren”

  1. HI Derek, this is a beautiful poem and it describes exactly what I feel for my partner. Thanks very much!

  2. jaqueline dick

    O, how very sweet. And meaningful to me personally. I so enjoyed the entire work, Derek. Please give us more poetry!

    1. Thank you Jackie. I really should write more poetry I suppose but I really think poetry comes from a heartfelt experience. It’s a form of writing that doesn’t come naturally to me. But I have my days! :)

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