Poetry. A Change Of Pace

Nymph of the Woods

Nymph of the Woods

Sitting as I love to do, watching nature fresh and new,
Bright new buds of flushing blooms, tiny little red mushrooms,
Just the kind that pixies love, and watching birds soar above.
Catching all the scents of spring, lost in aimless wondering.

The gentle breeze upon my skin, with thoughts of freedom deep within.
Gazing at the rays of sun, dancing in the leaves above.
I look at what is all around, natures gifts that do abound.
Then close my eyes and hear the song, of birds that sing all day long.

Relaxed and peaceful, as I rest, I’m lost in nature at its best.
I hear a rustle near the creek, the sound of elves with dancing feet.
I’m in a dream, elves indeed! Prob’ly just a bird at feed.
But closer comes the sound I hear, inch by inch, ever near.

I open my eyes slowly to see, what it is that’s approaching me,
And in my sight, still hazy from sleep, I see a movement, in the deep
Long reeds in front of me, and rub my eyes to clearly see.
I’m sure I caught there in the fronds, what looked like hair, silken blonde.

And as I gazed into the mist, I could scarcely believe the thought of this,
A nubile woman, blonde and serene, danced her way towards me from the green.
Her naked form caught the light, and her smile was gentle, innocent and bright.
I froze to the spot, in fright or delight, and watched her shimmer in the light.

She approached me, and stood and stared, should I speak? Yes, I dared,
“Are you an angel, pixie or elf ?” “No” she said, “ I am myself.”
“The Nymph of the Woods, and I‘ll share with you, wonders that are fresh and new.”
“Come with me hand in hand, and I will show you this wondrous land.”

And so, entranced, I held her hand, she showed me all, that was grand,
The majesty, of the trees, the complex society of the bees,
The simple beauty of the land, of nature working hand in hand,
Her eyes caught mine, we stood and stared, she saw my soul, fully bared.

She knew all my truth, I could not hide, what it was I felt inside,
My basic male passions grew, and she looked at me, and I knew,
She wanted me to take her then, and so I did, and then again.
Our passions soared and then becalmed, as we fell asleep in each others’ arms.

I woke and found myself alone, the sky now seeing the setting sun.
Was this a dream I asked in vain, but who was there to explain?
But as I rose to my feet, I caught the scent of something sweet.
And as I looked to the ground, there was glistening honey all around.

I knelt to the ground and looked in awe, at what it was that I saw.
Scattered through the honey there, were glistening threads of golden hair.
With stardust sprinkled here and there, and petals placed in rows in pairs.
And dewdrops clinging to the leaves, a magic circle fully weaved.

Now every Sunday I return, to this very spot and always yearn,
But to this day I’ve yet to see, the Nymph of the Woods return to me.
Was it a dream, or did I greet, a Nymph with slender dancing feet.
I do not know to this day yet, but in my heart I know I’ve met,
The Nymph of the Woods.

by Derek Haines

My Clown I Love You


Excerpt from My Clown, I Love You.





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