The Siren Forevermore


His heart missed a beat,
As he leapt to his feet,
As his Siren appeared at the door.
Their eyes met at once,
And their hands reached to touch,
This was the moment they had both yearned for.

For months they had talked,
Through their lives they had walked,
They both knew each other so well.
Now reality was calling,
On two lovers this morning,
They embraced, they belonged, they could tell.

A long gaze then a kiss,
And they both felt the bliss,
Of love’s passion, filling their hearts.
They stood and just gazed,
Into eyes full ablaze,
Holding tightly, never wanting to part.

After waiting so long,
For their “oneday” of song,
These two lovers could barely have cared.
They “Moondanced” in the car,
Then walked together afar,
Content in the love they could share.

Their hands held so tightly,
And neither took lightly,
The troubles that lay in their way.
But these few precious days,
Are a deposit on always,
Content, that in love they will stay.

Their first day had now ended,
With passions so blended,
Completely, together as one.
A sunset now shared,
And emotions now bared,
They both yearned for tomorrow to come.

Their first night spent apart,
Followed a kiss in the dark,
And they both went their own separate ways.
To reflect on day one,
Between the moon and the sun,
And to think about forthcoming days.

They just had a week,
Just a small peek,
At what their lives could have, at some time.
Their love was so real,
and their pleasure to feel,
But their forever would have to wait for some time.

Stealing time from each day,
Was their only way,
To enjoy precious moments as one.
For soon he will be,
Back far over the sea,
And their pleasure of touch will be gone.

The Dreamer and Siren,
Were now man and woman,
And had now tasted each others’ kiss.
But soon they will go,
Back to life’s to and fro,
But with hearts knowing the meaning of bliss.

Is this the beginning or end?
Of two lives that will wend,
Across continents, oceans and plains.
Well, time will just see,
What will be, will just be,
But true love will always remain.

Written by Derek Haines

My Clown I Love You


Excerpt from My Clown, I Love You.





5 thoughts on “Forevermore”

  1. Breathlessly, I read this. So romantic! Anyone over 12 and maybe even under has felt this heart-stopping love. And you nailed it! Poignent, painful, lovely. You simply must write part 3! Thanks for sharing this, Derek!

  2. Very touching ! You could entitled this “Definition of love” because it talks about every aspect of it. Joy and Pain blending together .

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