The Beautiful Bird

The Beautiful Bird

The Beautiful Bird

Many years ago, I set my eyes on the most Beautiful Bird I had ever seen. She was dazzling in her beauty and song. I was entranced, and from that moment on, I was to devote my life to the wonder of this creature. She was wild, but was caged so tightly, and it was almost impossible to go near her, but over patient months and years, the Beautiful Bird began to trust my devotion.

It took so long, but time was of no importance, until the day she would trust my hand in her cage. Her fears, built over many years, were slowing ebbing into a dim memory. She began to trust my devotion.

And, from there, I made her larger cages, to allow her freedom to spread her wings, and prepare, hopefully, for the day she would fly freely, and show me the wonder of her natural beauty. And through these slow progressions, the trust remained, and my devotion strengthened. I was in awe of her beauty as I looked up every day, at my Beautiful Bird.

Daily I worked, at preparing my Beautiful Bird to be able to fly free. I made her cage so big, she could now make her own nest, she was preparing for her freedom. I wanted for my Beautiful Bird to enjoy the wonders of the world, and for the world to enjoy the beauty and wonder of her.

And, so, after many, many years of kindness and caring and patience, the day arrived.

My Beautiful Bird was flying free!!!!!

She was the most wonderful sight Mother Nature could have designed, and I watched in awe, as she soared, glided, swooped and turned…….and my heart sang as she returned to her nest.

Day by day, she flew further, and ventured to discover the wonder of the world, and I was so proud of my Beautiful Bird. I had found a frightened caged creature, and now, she had become what Mother Nature had intended her to be, the most beautiful enchanting creature on this earth!

But, on one fateful day, after years of care and devotion, my Beautiful Bird did not return to her nest. She had found a strangers nest, and I knew not where. I fretted all night for her. I sat by her nest, and waited, and waited, and waited, until later the next day……my Beautiful Bird returned home.

But she swooped, down from a tremendous height, caught my distraught and worried look, and then extended her talons, and tore out my eyes! I would never see my Beautiful Bird again. She soared up again, and this time swooped with her beak extended, and pierced my heart, and bled me of the devotion to her that had run through my veins. And yet she soared again, and readied to swoop, this time clawing out my heart, and breaking it in two with her claws. And, lying in a pool of blood, was the trust we had so lovingly shared.

And now, she has made new nests, and mine, lovingly made over years, lies vacant, and devoid of life.

My Beautiful Bird, is still the most beautiful creature on earth, but I cannot see her anymore, and as I lie bleeding and heartbroken, all I have is the memories of my devotion, and the love I still keep. The world will now have and enjoy my Beautiful Bird, and she will entrance many with her beauty and graceful movement. The only person on earth who will not, will be me.

I shall now limp away, and leave my Beautiful Bird in her territory. She has taken possession of what was a beautiful garden, but to me is now a dry parched arid desert, devoid of any beauty.

And I wonder if she will live happily ever after?

Written by Derek Haines

My Clown I Love You


Excerpt from My Clown, I Love You.





4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Bird”

  1. This piece really made an impression, but I’m having trouble putting my reaction into words. Poignant, searing, vaguely depressing…certainly sticks in my mind.

    Just remember, HLA is not all it’s cracked up to be!

  2. When I started reading I thought: awww, he’s writing about his wife and how he courted her and won her heart. Then I got to the end and discover that I could not have been more wrong if I tried.

    Wait a minute!

    Is this about an ex-wife? I have one of those and with not much effort I could relate this piece to how things went with her.

    A story does not need any basis in fact or past real events for it to be a good read. I enjoyed this, Derek. I enjoyed the images, and I enjoyed how it made me think. The story was quite deep, and I don’t care if it was supposed to be deep or that it was just the mad ravings of a slightly disturbed mind (they’re the best kind, so don’t take offence), it was still a good story!

    I give it: 4 out of 5 stars!
    (if I could remember what the HTML codes were for making cute little stars I would have made that look sexier)

    1. It’s funny Steve. I hesitated posting this piece. But after 15 years I thought it was time. As Cyndi commented earlier, it ‘sticks’ in the mind for some reason.

      And you’re absolutely correct — almost. I wasn’t disturbed, just very drunk at the time of writing. Same thing though huh?

      Oh, and don’t worry about stars. 4/5 will do just nicely :)

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