The Wonderful Certainty of Death

The Wonderful Certainty of Death

The Wonderful Certainty of Death

Death is so easy, so finite and pure,
It has its own wonder and simple allure.
Would it take seconds to pass through the gate?
To eternal peace, far from life’s hate.

I would imagine that once I had travelled this course,
From a life taught to cherish, there may be remorse.
But what would I miss, the pain of each day?
Or the constant reminder that I’m just here to pay.

Give me your money! The living shout out,
Is this all that life is; I say, ”just about.”
Money and greed, and anger and spite,
Wouldn’t I rather and unending night.

The mailbox brings unending delights,
Bills and demands from women with spite.
In life you can love, It’s our aim we are told.
But no one forewarns of when it goes cold.

Love is just hate, it just waits to be turned,
Love always ends, then someone gets burned.
Look at my scars, burns leave them bold,
They will not fade no matter how old.

You may think I’m angry, and you will be wrong,
I am just disappointed at life’s over sung song.
All bliss and wide smiles, and greetings of friends,
They all turn against you when love finally ends.

My jealousy rages when I see a hearse,
All covered with flowers from the guilty I curse.
The sorrow the wearers of black fake for face,
Are there for their guilt, not the black lace.

The body that’s free of life’s grinding debt,
Is laughing at them and the life they have kept.
The freedom that cold cadaver must feel,
As he races away from his life with zeal.

For he has the freedom we wish for in life,
Away from the edge of debt’s long bladed knife.
Away from the spears of a woman’s blind scorn,
Sometimes I wish I had never been born.

So I wait for the time that I draw my last breath,
And at last know the wonderful certainty of death.

Written by Derek Haines

3 thoughts on “The Wonderful Certainty of Death”

  1. Powerful indeed, and heartbreaking in your expressed views of love. I assume experience has created those and I feel for you.

    The love of my (32+ years) husband/soul mate and our children are all that keep me from rushing to that ‘unending night,’ and while I’m not in a hurry to arrive (at least most days), it will certainly be a relief.

    Peace to you, in your remaining days.


  2. Wonderful? hmmm. Let me think about that. Of course it is indeed certain. I enjoyed the images. I wonder what extra power we would have if we could all learn to see death as a wonderful certainty.

  3. Darlene Jones

    Beautifully written, but too sad? I’m thinking that you are not okay.

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