Metro, Boulot, Dodo

Metro, Boulot, Dodo

Metro, Boulot, Dodo
(Train, Work, Sleep) 

The alarm clock rings,
Shower and dry.
Dress and comb,
It’s breakfast time.
No time to waste,
No time to spare.
Quick drink of coffee,
And straight out the door.

Metro, boulot, dodo,
Always on the go-go.
Never time to go slow,
Always time to go Joe.
Metro, boulot, dodo.

There’s a train to catch,
No time to waste.
Seven thirty-seven,
Oh shit I’m late.
Race out the door,
Where is the bus?
Here it comes,
Same faces I trust.

Metro, boulot, dodo,
Off to work, Oh No!
Life’s just like a yo-yo.
What’s today, I don’t know.
Metro, boulot, dodo.

Tuesday, Wednesday,
Monday, what?
It’s always work,
Where’ve I got?
Not enough money,
Not enough time.
No time to rest,
It’s like doing time.

Metro, boulot, dodo,
Always working solo.
Make some money, hope so,
Always fast and don’t slow.
Metro, boulot, dodo.

Look at their faces,
All doing time.
Work til they drop,
A fate like mine.
Gotta work to live,
Work to eat.
Live to work,
It can’t be beat.

Metro, boulot, dodo,
Life? It’s sort of so, so.
Another life I won’t know,
Life is just a low blow.
Metro, boulot, dodo.

Ten hour day,
Finished at last.
Run for the train,
Don’t miss the last.
I made it in time,
Sleep on the train.
Oh shit it’s my stop,
Now walk in the rain.

Metro, boulot, dodo,
What’s tomorrow, don’t know.
I think it’s Friday, hope so,
No, it’s Wednesday, God no!
Metro, boulot, dodo.

Home at last,
It’s dark and cold.
The fridge is bare,
The bread is old.
A glass of beer,
Perhaps a wine.
A can of beans,
Then dodo time.

Metro, boulot, dodo,
Can I sleep? I don’t know.
Bills and debts that won’t go,
When I’ll stop I don’t know.
Metro, boulot, dodo.

Today was the same,
As a thousand before.
Tomorrow the same,
And the day after, more.
Train and work,
And sleep and train.
Work and sleep,
It’s always the same.

Metro, boulot, dodo,
Always on the go-go.
Life is like a yo-yo,
Can’t afford to go slow.
Metro, boulot, dodo.

Metro, boulot, dodo!

Written by Derek Haines

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