Freedom by Derek HainesFreedom

Come to me sweetly and share my world,
Rest in my arms and escape the cold.
Stay with me warmly and feel my heart.
And I will think of you when we are apart.

I’ll come to you freely and stay of my will,
In search of the magic and waiting until,
Our hearts know the truth, and feel just like one,
And hope for a life as one yet to come.

I will be your dog’s shadow to be closer to you,
If I know in my heart that our love is so true.
But don’t chain me up to a pillar or gate,
‘Cause just like a dog, I will seek an escape.

I know I have in me the cheek of a fox,
But the bindings of love are as strong as the ox,
So never believe that  my heart is not true,
If I don’t share every second of my life with you.

The world is my playpen, my stage and my fun,
I live my life freely, but can love only one.
So grant me the freedom to let me be me,
And we will both live a life, happy and free.

Love frees the heart of a lonely life,
And I’ll forever be true to a loving wife,
Or partner as such if that is the term,
But I must have freedom, freedom to burn.

Just hold me gently as I hold thee,
Share special moments for you and for me.
But please don’t use a vice like grip,
As I am like soap, and through your fingers I’ll slip.

Written by Derek Haines

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