My Take Away Vampire

My Take Away Vampire

And now for something completely different, as the saying goes. This little story began as a tongue in cheek blog post some time ago and due to the feedback, I began to think about writing a little novella.

So, after much deliberation, procrastination and a lot of red wine, my little vampire novella is now out and ready to be bitten to pieces.

My Take Away Vampire – A Tasty Novella

Although Agatha is over three hundred years old, it certainly doesn’t mean that she can’t adapt and fit into ugly post-industrial small town suburbia. Partial to the delights that an evening at McDonald’s often serve her, she waits at her favourite dimly lit corner table – for her kind of take away.

Being your typical urban vampire, this means that her fare isn’t up in bright lights on the menu above the cashiers. However, she usually finds exactly what she is looking for. Her teenage beauty, long blonde hair and ice blue eyes are a temptation very few can resist.

After a long and predictable vampiric existence, trouble is afoot for Agatha. Red headed, freckled and just a little slow on the uptake sometimes, young Reggie stumbles into Agatha’s predictability and turns it on its head.

Add the over-protective and rhyming ghost of a dead poet, a snarling black wolf, some cops and Agatha’s preference for the 1980’s fashion of mini-skirts, satin halter neck tops and knotted white blouses, things just may go awry.

Along with a couple of untimely and unfortunate deaths, and Reggie’s complete misunderstanding of anything at all that’s going on, the awry becomes a dead certainty.

Enjoy My Take Away Vampire. A very different yet tasty little vampire tale.

Now available as an ebook from Kindle Ebooks and Smashwords

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  1. Derek,

    Once again you have managed to entertain and given the vampire genre another tasty morsel.

    I have finally decided where my loyalties lay: “Team Agatha”.


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