Apple Freaks
There’s a very good reason why Apple are now about the biggest company in the world and have taken a stranglehold, if not a monopoly in the ‘Have to Have To Be Cool’ market. But who are these millions of Apple freaks who have made Apple what it is today? With the assistance of the bare minimum of extensive research, I think I have been able to narrow down the qualities that define an Apple freak and thus the target market of Apple marketeers.

Take a careful look at this list of ‘must have’ qualities and see if you are a true believer or are you just one of the millions who really don’t give a hoot.

  • You have a love affair with queuing. You will join any queue that is more than 3,000 people long.
  • You have an active account on Ebay where you habitually sell your more than three week old Apple devices.
  • You adore the pain and suffering involved in having your beautifully designed devices being ‘bricked’ by updates.
  • You also adore getting your dock items ‘just right’ and will spend nights perfecting it.
  • You do not have MS Word installed. Anywhere!
  • You never admit to the ‘Spinning Beachball Of Death’ appearing on any of your Macs.
  • You never clean your Apple devices because you never have one long enough for it to collect dust.
  • You believe everything Apple promises you.
  • You buy iPhones for your spouse and kids so they don’t embarrass you in public by using a Nokia.
  • You have a credit card that is only used to buy Apple products, music and apps.
  • You take your own Macbook Air to work because you refuse to use the Dell your employer supplied.
  • You think Ping is cool.
  • You only discovered a group called The Beatles when you downloaded their music from iTunes.
  • You smile anytime someone calls you addicted.
  • You hate being called an Apple freak. You much prefer to be called an aficionado.

If you failed on any of these qualities, you can breathe easier now. You’re just normal.

Are You An Apple Freak?

14 thoughts on “Are You An Apple Freak?

  • 08/01/2012 at 1:14 pm

    Only one of those criteria fit me. I do take my mac to work because I refuse to use the PC my work provides (Lenovo). My crappy little MacBook is literally held together by packing tape, but it’s far more capable and the software easier to use than anything my PC-centric job promotes. When I’m there, I need to get work done, not phfiz around with the stupid computer. But i do wonder about people who buy a new mac every other year (give a mac a chance and you’ll find it lasts forever), and who buy oddball stuff like the MacBook Air. A thousand dollars for a crippled computer that looks good on your wrist? No thanks.

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