Just a Happy Normal Life

HappinessJust a Happy Normal Life 

A simple wish it is true, and often said with much ado,
But what is this that we all seek, and find so hard to live.
The wish of very simple folk, and the not so simple too,
To share a happy normal life with a partner who is true.

To live a life, day by day, with trust and love and care,
And feel the warmth of each other’s heart, and a willingness to share.
A life where truth abounds, and there’s no need for deceit,
A simple wish, it is true, but for many it’s a feat.

A partnership, and dreams to share, and of achievements to be proud,
This simple wish is rare to find, in this greedy, selfish world.
I have lived the wish for some short times, but alas have been mistaken,
As selfish greed and rules for one, have become the motivation.

I say to you, don’t get me wrong, I am not one who is blameless,
The lessons learnt from my own greed, will stay with me till I die.
I have felt the pain of the knife that twists, when love turns into hate,
And felt the bitter times of hurt, when I’ve been cheated by a mate.

But with the life I’ve lead so far, my hope is evermore,
Of finding that true love for me, and sharing all I have.
The lessons learned, and all with pain, will keep me ever true,
I know not where, but I will find that one and only you. 

My search will be a simple one, no grand master plan,
Just meeting, looking, listening, and living day to day.
But from that day, when I will take, a partner or a wife,
My only wish from that day forth, is for a normal, happy life.

A happy home, with happy hearts, and of working as a team,
To make the best of life’s short years, and fulfilling many dreams.
To share the joy of a child’s smile, if that’s God’s wish for me,
And to be a true and faithful man, to the woman who’s meant for me.

Written by Derek Haines

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  1. I like this and most surprisingly of all is that I’ve managed it. We even have a beautiful place to live. Hard to find but spectacular to live. I’m a lucky man. Thank you.

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