I Live In A Fairytale


No need for words today. I just love where I live.

4 thoughts on “I Live In A Fairytale”

  1. Sarahndipity09

    Tis Lovely indeed! I just live in a fairy tale in my head but that's different. :o)

  2. Wendy aka Quillfeather.

    Indeed, you do live in a fairytale. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous :)

  3. Yes you do love in a fairytale Derek. There is even has a castle.
    I love the fourth picture. It is just so quaint and indeed fairytale like.

    Thank you for posting these stunning pictures!

  4. Hi Derek,
    Nice to meet you. If you knew me and I were to tell you with hand on heart… I've dreamed of these pictures countless times, you might say

    "That's nice but given where you live it's just your imagination"

    I would smile and respond,

    "Let my imagination continue because I sit here at my computer in awe… The castle, the scenery, and the views of the sea are amongst the most beautiful things I have ever seen… I guess for me the wonderful thing about my imagination is this… I don't just see I clearly feel if I reach out just a little I can touch. I know one day… one day!"

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