Greed – Nothing Is Forever

GreedIn recent days I have been following the developments of the Occupy Wall Street movement and its opposition to corporate greed. Originating from a movement begun in Spain, this notion that our societies are being fractured by the overwhelming belief by Western governments and corporations that capitalism and profit are the only way to sustain our way of life, is losing its appeal with the populations now suffering unemployment and rapid social decay.

As a self confessed ‘leftie’ I have to say that I certainly have empathy with these movements. However, in itself Occupy Wall Street is not groundbreaking, but when you add this nascent movement to recent events, it is clear that a groundswell is rapidly developing. The Arab Spring Uprising, the total collapse of the Greek economy, the weakness of the US Dollar and Euro and the general malaise that has affected the economies of much of the world, one has to start thinking that the wheels are beginning to fall off the economic miracle of free markets and capitalism.

The single common element in all of these recent events has been that they all came about as a result of blind greed. Whether by the greed of a dictator, of a government, of banks, of oil companies or by a population itself, the reality is that greed never succeeds. There is always a judgement day that arrives as a result.

It has been too easy for those of us who live in Western capitalist democracies to sit back while watching these events on our 50 inch plasma screens and think that all this happens ‘somewhere else’. But now the bitter reality that this wave of dissent is making its way into our own homes will prove to be a dark surprise. The invisible wall of protection that has surrounded the US and protected it economically and social for so long is cracking. The dream of a unified Europe is falling apart at the seams with the result that once economically stable and prosperous countries are now for all intent and purposes, bankrupt.

No matter how civilised, how socially just or how modern a society is, once you deprive the population of work, an income, the ability to feed and educate their children and take away the roofs from over their heads, a society is doomed to failure and anger will manifest into mass civil action.

This unfortunately, is the reality today in Spain, Greece, Portugal and now I sense coming to the US as well. The greed that has lined the pockets of so few for so long, has been achieved by robbing their populations. And now they are taking the one last possession the people have. Hope.

Is the end nigh?

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  1. “No matter how civilised, how socially just or how modern a society is, once you deprive the population of work, an income, the ability to feed and educate their children and take away the roofs from over their heads, a society is doomed to failure and anger will manifest into mass civil action”

    I’m just not sure the fractured special interests in the U.S. will ever stay together long enough to make lasting change possible. :-/

  2. Here in the UK Derek the latest group to rob the population blind are the energy providers. The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) pointed out today that back in June of this year the profit made by the suppliers was £15 per head of population. As of today it stands at £125 per head of population. Multiply that by 60 million and you get the general idea. What part of we are in a recession don’t they get? We all need electricity. In short we’re being bled dry.

  3. You are right, Derek. The only thing left is “HOPE” and it won’t be long, before it’s robbed.

    Is the end nigh? It looks quite predictable at the moment.

  4. This is something that makes me wonder what sort of future my children will have. As you said, the European Union is coming apart at the seams. Greece is tottering, the French banks are looking at a run and Germany is printing deutsche marks as fast as it can.

    The American economy is based on consumption and debt and can’t possibly weather the storm. Who in their right mind would have bought a tv on a two year installment plan in my Father’s time? If dad couldn’t afford something, he either made his own or did without.

    A lot of Canadians think it wont affect us but our economy relies on supplying raw materials to other nations and the customers are drying up.

  5. Hi Derek. It occurred to me years ago that the capitalist system is fatally flawed. Someone once said that, to survive, a company must grow, and growth at any price seems to be the aim of all the large corporations. But, if you think about it, this is doomed to failure. It’s surely a formula for self-destruction. Someone (an economist) wrote a book about this years ago, called “Enough is Enough”.

    The problem is, I can’t see an alternative to capitalism. Communism failed for other reasons.

  6. Nope, the end isn’t nigh, if by that you mean some kind of revolution. The problem is that in countries that have managed to topple a regime, power is centralized in a dictator. In the U.S. and Europe, power is spread among interlinked and mostly invisible entities that support each other. The Occupiers (and I admire their dedication) can protest outside banks and the homes of the rich all they want, but they have no power to change anything. I doubt that most of them even understand how the system works. The smart members of the power elite (and that term needs to be revived) know they can wait it out until everyone gets tired and goes home. Sad but true.

  7. Walter E. Haas


    Capitalism is a deceptive system.The FED is illegal as the Federal reserve Act is.
    The congress supports TREASON as they take oath to uphold the US Constitution.
    Both parties are owned by lobbies of the corporate,and private business sector.

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    The Corporate1/6 You Tube-TREASON and War Crimes.

    Who is the secret government.The CFR is the secret is
    NWO,free trade,open borders,Dream Act,North America Union.

    Bush,Obama and congress have approved NAFTA and NAU.They will not enforce immigration law.They support the enemy if the enemy is one violating US Law.

    The corporate is international and has companies international that trade with USA
    which are destroying the US.With slave labor and no law they can sell cheap to the Sheep.Apple and company in China and labor disputes is only one example.

    Collective barganing is no good unless it is for elite and rich.Lawyers are only needed for the haves.Union are no good.Benefits are no good,pensions are no good.Only private medical system is good.

    No tax,or regulation on elite and rich,so they can give you a slave job is okay as
    if you tax them you won’t have a job.

    A defense contractor has to make a profit,so a hammer for 300.00 is okay,but labor cost should be subsistence,so they have no time to yell.Keep them hungry and they have no time to think.Haiti system will be good for worthless eater sheep in America.

    Public&Private Partnership is private sector fascist business buying up state assets cheap,so the can rule America.Joan

    The international bankers,corporate,Defense industry,private business sector
    profit from war and status quo.The Report From iron mountain.It is class war
    Noam C You Tube.

    Capitalism must have expansion.Japan and nuke energy with oil spills,and starvation are capitalism for profit as they are created for profit.

    Hemp as fuel,etc could replace obsolete oil,nukes,coal.Hydrogen,and H2O as fuel.
    Monoply prevents new tech for greed and power.

    You cannot compete with 4 billion slaves from third world.You are finished if you
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    Donald Trump says USA in decline,but can be saved by industry and regulations.
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    All information may be incorrect.Please prove it is,and I am a moron 50 IQ.

    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

  8. Walter E. Haas

    Capitalism 2:

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    Walter E. Haas Search God Bless America

  9. Walter E. Haas

    Nut Case:

    Greed -Nothing Is Forever by Derek Haines Oct 14 2011 has more of the Nut Case

    When one is in denial going nuts is one way out.Nut is a relative term,and who is nuts is the question?Incoherents is result of false reality due to shock treatment in
    some cases?

    Walter E. Haas Searcg God Bless America

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