Sizzle Your Sausage – A Simple Sausage Recipe

Sizzle Your SausageYes, I know. There’s nothing epicurean about the humble sausage. Whether it be beef, pork, or whatever the butcher fancied to fill it with, the poor sausage rates pretty low on the Michelin star rating.

But wait! There’s a simple and delightfully tasty way to quickly turn some ordinary sausages into, well, something palatable. All you need are two ingredients and a subtle change to your cooking technique.

So here we go. Grab your sausage (if it’s big) or sausages if they are small, and throw them head first into a hot frying pan that has already been treated to a little (very little) oil. The idea here is to get a bit of colour on your sausages, so don’t panic if they burn a bit, or scream a little.

When one side looks nice and tastily burnt, turn them over and repeat the burning again. If they leave a brownish residue on the pan, you’re really on target for a great meal.

Now, the tricky bit. Turn the heat down to quite low, and when you think your sausages are nearly cooked through, add a cup or two (or however many you need) of white wine and a beef stock cube. I prefer the beef stock that comes in a tube, but either works fine.

Now reduce the liquid by about half, and you’ll have a rich and creamy wine gravy to serve with your humble sausages.

By the way. I’m not a lover of white wine, but I’d rather be dead than not have a couple of bottles on hand for cooking. It’s just too useful.

2 thoughts on “Sizzle Your Sausage – A Simple Sausage Recipe”

  1. anna-rose phipps

    97% Pork Sausages from outdoor bred pigs, on a very hot cast iron griddle, to give a barbq taste. Simples!
    PS: make sure they are stabbed all over to begin with, or something sinister could happen.

    1. It’s always a matter for heated discussion Anna-Rose as whether to prick one’s sausages or not. Butchers here are so proud of their sausages that they say if they needed pricking we would do it for you! lol

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