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There are many titles for this most prestigious of professions. House husband, house spouse, homme au foyer, wusband and of course less complimentary ones such as lazy bastard, lucky sod and selfish little artistic prick.

By whatever name however, it is still an oddity in our society for a man to do the domestic chores and admit to thoroughly enjoying the responsibility. Whether it be ironing, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog or cleaning windows, every day is a pleasure. Well, except for those days that I have to venture to the supermarket. Grocery shopping has yet to make it onto my favourite activity list. But I grit my teeth on those days and know that life cannot always be simply beer and skittles.

Now while I can honestly say that I have a very busy domestic schedule, I do have adequate time for other pursuits such as writing and book marketing along with lunch with friends, chatting on Facebook, Twittering and napping in the afternoon. And while I know you will think napping is very lazy, I should point out that this is actually one of my most productive of times as it is when I usually get my inspiration for what to cook for dinner.

The only downside as I can see it, is that I have been placing a lot of wear and tear on our old sofa and in a short while it will certainly need replacing. So I have decided to allocate all of my book royalties towards the purchase of a new sofa. By my calculation, this should be achievable by about 2075 for a modestly priced sofa.

I have not set this date in concrete as yet because during this time there may be other demands on my income stream such as food and doctor’s bills, but I am sure with an application of good budgetary controls the new sofa will eventuate before the turn of the century.

4 thoughts on “Wusband Work”

  1. Akhen1khan2 aka Jack Eason

    Beer or mop? That's a toughy Derek; not really mate – BEER :)

  2. I’ve struggled with the same issue for 15 years now. What am I? Am I really just a housewife? And why is it “just” a housewife? We have two kids so that adds a bit of punch to the mix.

    As much as I’d like a respectable title (please don’t suggest domestic engineer or anything with the word goddess in it), what I’d really like is for someone else to come and clean up a bit. Maybe even wash the windows.

    Good luck with your moniker. I’d lose wusband. Nobody’s going to get hot under the collar for such a creature.

    Let us know what you come up with. Nice post!

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