Shoot The Writer, Burn The Books

Recent events around our wonderful world have shown that although times change, methods do not. As each revolution comes around in turn; normally by way of a repressed, unemployed and deprived population saying enough is enough, with a little help from sympathetic intelligence services, the methods to suppress remain the same.

Killing the internet is no different to destroying printing presses or burning books. Killing mobile phone services is no different to mass arrests. Killing freedoms to protest peacefully are the tools of desperate dictatorships. Elected or not. Killing the means to communicate are always the first signs of a rotting regime. Killing journalists is the act of an acute desperation to cling to power; and the money.

From chaos comes order. Unfortunately, to change any order, chaos must be created first. And so the cycle continues. As a species, we are really very predictable. And gullible. We always believe in the ‘New Order’, until we discover that it is remarkably the same as the ‘Old Order’ we removed. Power simply corrupts.

I am sorry to be so unfunny about this, as it runs totally against the light weight nature of my blog. However, it seems I have seen too many cycles of ‘New Order’. As much as things change, they stay exactly the same.

Viva la revolution!

5 thoughts on “Shoot The Writer, Burn The Books”

  1. Derek
    I don't think anyone with creative pen could put a humorous spin on the corruption happening around the world. Anyone with half a brain would have to agree with you. Things always remain the same, just different names inserted!!

  2. Akhen1khan2 aka Jack Eason

    It's funny in a sad way how despite the passage of time we humans fail to learn from the mistakes of previous generations don't you think Derek? Each new generation is seemingly destined to make those same mistakes. Time may have moved on, but sadly, we haven't…

  3. Cripes, Derek, my wife Margaret and I were haing this same conversation yesterday. Egypt, Tunisia – painful, but hopeful. Then in reverse – in our own USA, the Tea Party nonsense and knee-jerk anti-intellectual FOX-fueled blather: don't read, don't think, just keep repeating the same fear-mongering lies we've sold you before. We keep singing "we won't get fooled again," but we always are. But when I start to lose hope and desperately need to lighten up, I turn to folks like Sara Silverman, David Sedaris, and the kindest heart in showbiz, Craig Ferguson.

  4. A sad truth fsouth. From where I look at politics throughout the world, it seems clear to me that almost all politicians are seeking the safety of the centre. That is where fear mongering, repetitive lies becoming news and corruption can live quite happily. The right and left ask questions. The centre of modern politics is the most populous and most gullible. They don't read, investigate, analyze or care.

  5. Three steps forward, two steps back. There is progress in the world, although the forward motion may sometimes lead in a circle. Why do individuals go to national politics– power, fame, of sorts, and of course there is always money. A few go to press their agenda and from time to time a true believer steps in, but I haven't seen any true believers- left or right- in a few years.

    The center seems better than either extreme.

    Great Article! needs more humor, lol.

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