Sadly, I’m Only A Writer

I am only a witer

I am just a writer

It’s clearly becoming a new trend for a writer to diversify and supplement their modest incomes with a few tempting literary side line appendages. Unfortunately for me however, I just don’t believe I have the necessary qualifications to append these new ‘métiers‘ to my tired old title of just a writer.

While I can quite happily and with great certainty append ‘Reader‘, I am equally certain that adding ‘Editor‘ would be stretching the limits of the truth. I mean, aren’t editors supposed to be experienced, qualified, grumpy and meticulous? Well, perhaps I would qualify on the grumpy part but not much else. Even ‘Proofreader’ would be a rather foolish appendage to add to my writer tag considering my poor eyesight and inability to concentrate for more than ten minutes.

Then there is ‘Publisher‘. This one confuses me a little because I know I can add ‘Self-Publisher‘ to my title, but by dropping the ‘Self‘ part, wouldn’t I need to have staff, printing presses, reside in New York and be filthy rich to make it true? One can always dream I suppose. While I’m on this paragraph, I might just mention ‘Book Publicist‘ for good measure. It’s a new one, but does seem to be gaining in popularity as a social media profile appendage.

So there we have it. For those writers who have a lot of spare time and a long list of diverse qualifications hanging on their bedroom wall, they can now happily append away. Writer, Editor, Proof Reader, Publisher and Book Publicist.

On the other side though there are a few adjectives that seem to be extra popular. ‘Bestselling’ of course being numero uno, but it is open to modification. ‘USA Today Bestselling’ and ‘Kindle Bestselling’ are good examples. Then we have the long list of collocations such as aspiring, debut, contemporary, mythical and well, you know them all.

Anyway, unfortunately for me again, I haven’t had a bestseller by any definition, unless making it into the top 100 in a genre or two on Kindle qualifies, but I don’t think so. Then aspiring, debut and contemporary just don’t go along with my age. Been there, done that way too long ago.

So it seems I miss out on all this appendage and adjective fun because, well….

Sadly, I’m only a writer.

8 thoughts on “Sadly, I’m Only A Writer”

  1. How about blogger, social networker, promoter of Indies – all true if creative. :-) It’s like writing a resume – where does the truth get stretched beyond credulity. I’m with you, though. I tend to err on the side of caution.

  2. I’m only a writer, too, although I did copy-edit one book and as a meticulous member of the grammar police feel well qualified for that role. And lately to my own surprise, because I never intended it, I’ve gotten into book reviewing and had some success in attracting attention in that way. I’m having fun with it, actually.

  3. I am a full time writer, and even then it takes me six to eight months to write and publish a full length novel. I don’t understand where these writers who are also editors, publishers and the like, find the time to wear these other hats. Especially if they’re doing it as a sideline for extra income. Like you, Derek, I am purely a writer.

  4. Professionals that I have read always say specialize, don’t diversify. But… when you can get paid if you just do this or this.. well let’s just say it becomes tempting to have many hats around. I am trying to give some of the hats away. But it’s like they’re soul bonded to me somehow. Some kind of invisible contract in there somewhere that I didn’t know existed.

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