Raeding Teh Wrod

You may be surprised that you can read bad spelling

Cna Yuo Raed Tihs Txet? Oh, ts’i aesy!

For those of us who write, proofreading and error correction is a necessary process, no matter how time-consuming it may be. However it is frighteningly difficult to find some of these errors on occasions because our brain can do very silly things when we read. As you will see when you read this lovely little test below.


Now it is no surprise to understand why proofreading is so difficult.

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  1. Hi Derek, I actually read about this theory not long ago. I found it to be quite interesting but understandable.

    I never thought about the difficulties as far as proof reading. That makes perfect sense.

  2. As a college instructor, I might understand the theory, but I certainly won't buy it as an excuse for poorly done papers. As I tell my students, "if you can't even handle the little things like spelling or typing the word "there", who the hell is going to want to hand you a scalpel or want to cross a bridge you've had anything to do with?"

    This study does; however, point out the need to have separate sets of eyes go over everything important before it is turned in.

  3. Wendy aka Quillfeather.

    I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. Then my brain kicked into gear. Wow! I now have a whole new respect for proof-readers.

    PS. Would you mind if I used your example on my blog?

  4. Of course you can use it Wendy. I really don't know where it came from though. It was hiding in my old teaching stuff.

  5. I understand Leslie. When I was teaching English, it was so easy to spot the ' in this spellchecker I trust' paper that was handed to me for marking. But then again, when I did proofreading (a long time ago) I saw some real 'clangers' get through. The best was, 'Grand Opening of the new Concept Hall' on a poster in type 12 inches high. Missed by ten sets of professional eyes!

  6. I've seen this many times, it is pretty cool. I'm not sure I understand how it makes proofing difficult. It's weird though that I can read that just fine but I spot every single typo in every book I read while I read it. Maybe I should be a proofreader.

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