Henry Lawson

The Other Half

As I decided to introduce you to AB ‘Banjo’ Patterson a couple of days ago, I thought it only right to balance this with a poem from Henry Lawson. The other great Australian poet. For me, I cannot separate one from the other. It is not possible to read Patterson without reading Lawson. They balanced…

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Banks! I see the gaunt unsmiling face of my neighbour every night, Trudging back from his day at work, struggling with all his might. To make a meek existence, to feed and clothe and house, His much beloved family, and his ever loving spouse. But as I gaze at this tired young man, working out…

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parking vampires

Parking Lot Vampires

Stuff you, I’m a parking lot vampire! Don’t you just love these vampires who would rather die than park more than three paces from a shopping mall entrance? Happily blocking all the traffic behind them as they wait for grannie and granddad from somewhere up the country to pack their monthly shopping into the back…

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The Man From Ironbark

A Change Of Tempo

In a complete change of tempo for my blog today, I would like to introduce you to one of my extra favourite poets. And naturally with one of my favourite poems of AB ‘Banjo’ Patterson. In the latter years of the 19th century, Australia was fortunate to have two great poets. Patterson and Henry Lawson.…

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Let's just ing it, huh


Let’s just ing it, huh? One of the most common word forms in English is ‘ing’. Sometimes referred to as the gerund, present participle or progressive form. It has such a multitude of uses that a single label just cannot be affixed to these amazing three letters. So broad is their use that Michael Swan prefers…

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