Can’t Anyone Produce a Printer That Works?

Can’t Anyone Produce a Printer That Works?Is there such a thing as a printer that works?

While technology has made amazing advances over the last twenty years or more, there is one area of technology that is going backwards at a rapid rate of knots. One would think that after all the years we have had computers, tablets and smartphones, the combined knowledge of Canon, HP, Epson, Brother and all the other printer manufacturers could make a printer that works.

I should refine my last utterance to say, a printer that works for more than a year.

Almost without fail, every printer I have bought in the last six or seven years has failed to proceed after a little over a year. Today was one of these. Just over a year and the bloody printer dies yet again within moments of its birthday.

This time it was a HP, which all of a sudden decided that printing in black was an option it no longer wanted to perform. After tearing my hair our for a couple of hours and wasting expensive new cartridges, I hit the Internet, and blow me down if this wasn’t a problem that hundreds (and perhaps thousands if I had searched further) of people had experienced with my model of HP printer. Yet, after all these reports of the exact same issue, HP refuses to accept there is a problem. Well, unless the printer is less than 12 months old and still under warranty, and even then it must be returned at the owner’s expense to an authorised repairer. Yes, of course, I want to pay more than the damn printer is worth in postage, oh, and return postage on the off chance it can be repaired. But as my printer was 16 months old, I didn’t have to decide.

I tossed it in the trash and bought a new Canon.

But of course, when I bought my new printer, the purchase price was less than the cost of buying a set of cartridges for the bloody thing, which probably explains the whole printers are shit problem.

Printers are cheap and crappy devices, which are designed with the singular intent of selling expensive cartridges. Oh, and then, of course, they die.

Printers in my mind are not technology. They are a designed to fail rip off.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Anyone Produce a Printer That Works?”

  1. Louise Findlay

    I agree. Now my Epson Wifi Printer has decided that it is not on the same wifi network as my iPad and refuses to print.

    1. If it’s any consolation Louise, my 3 week old Canon refuses to believe there is paper in the feed tray when it’s full. Only when it’s less than half full. Pppfft! lol

  2. haha .. yes indeed. I eventually put up two printers on the logic that one was almost always out of action. My Canon 3300 lasted on and off for a few years, but it had a colour conspiracy, Usually one or another colour was out of action. The Canon MP630 is a vile machine. It can take 10 or fifteen minutes to warm up, has a thimble full of colour in each ink well, and prefers not to work at all. Its favourite activity. ” One of the ink wells appears to have run out … buy more , ” or whatever its excuse is …

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