I Might Have Written My Last Book

That's all folks. I Might Have Written My Last BookTimes change, people change, and the world changes.

It seems such a short time ago when self-publishing gave authors like me a fantastic chance. An opportunity to connect directly with readers, and I grabbed it with both hands.

While it lasted, those times were wonderful and I recall with such affection the few years when I was running off to the post office almost every day, mailing off signed copies of my books.

Yes, I’m talking about a time before ebooks. It might come as a surprise to many, but self-publishing started a long time before the advent of ebooks and Kindle. To me, they were the best years of my life as an author.

Fast forward to now, though, and ebooks, cheap ebook subscription services, paid reviews, hateful one-star troll book reviews and the futility of free ebooks have all taken their toll on my enthusiasm. Sure, I am still very much passionate about writing, but there comes a point when one has to say, “I want off of this silly ride”.

But, for some reason, while all signs on my radar were saying how futile it was to publish a new book, I did.

Why? Because I felt I still had something important I wanted to say.

It may not be my best book. It will surely never be my most popular book, but the subject of the collapse of capitalism was so close to my beliefs that not only did I have to write it, I had to publish it.

So, God Has Gone Fishing is now released, and quite honestly, I don’t give a toss if it sells or not because I have achieved what I set out to do. Which was to write a story about a topic that plays on my mind almost every day. The collapse of capitalism.

Unfortunately, my book will be drowned into nothingness by all the millions of new ebooks in the kinky romance, bisexual, paranormal and bestial sexual fantasy genres, but that’s ok. That’s what readers want to read now.

However, if that is so, there will be no need for me to write another book because I will certainly not be spending a whole year writing a new book in these fantasy genres that people want to buy and read. I write when I have something I believe is important to say, and not for titillation.

The world changes.

Okay, so be it. I guess it will be, that’s all folks.

Well, this is book number seventeen, so I suppose I have said all of the above sixteen times before.

But I have to eat, so I expect I should do some book promotion. Well here goes nothing.

14 thoughts on “I Might Have Written My Last Book”

  1. Cheri Allbritton

    Sure hope this isn’t true, but I can understand your frustrations.

  2. Is this not something every writer experiences from time to time? Or perhaps all the time even. Is it naive to suggest we write books because putting words on paper (or screen) is what gives us pleasure? I am intrigued enough to want to read your book.

    1. All the time, I think, Patsy. Maybe it’s a natural element in the writing process to be tired after the investment of time and energy.

  3. I do understand how you feel, Derek. The only reason I’m continuing is that I perceive putting a book on the web as a better way of saving the work than wrapping it in plastic and putting it in the tin trunk in my bedroom – which is what i used to do, I kid you not. As long as you are free from that little peccadillo, I foresee you can have a very good life without ebook publishing. Enjoy! I only have 5 more books to go, then I’m quitting, too.

  4. There has to be people who still want to read good literature, well-written books. I know I do. I believe it’s time to band together as we write for these people as well as ourselves. They may represent a smaller demographic, but at least good literature and well-written books will survive. It has to start with the writers.

    1. I’m not sure I understand, or like, your comment, Libby. But to show that I really am a writer and can handle any criticism, I have approved your comment. Even if you are an attorney hiding behind your pen name. Btw, good luck with your one and only book!

      1. It wasn’t meant to be liked. You seemed to be passing judgment on certain genres and that bothers me. You didn’t have to post my comment. You would have seen it, and that was my goal. It’s wonderful that you have something important to say. I have no ambition other than to entertain, perhaps even titillate, as you say. People have hard lives and there’s nothing wrong with escapism. Perhaps I misunderstood your comment, but I thought I detected disdain. As for it being my only book? Oh my, I am guilty. I figured that is the normal to begin. It only came out in March. I’m afraid I’m not that fast. Anyway, you should carry on. Your blog posts about grammar are great. I’d guess your books are good, too.

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