Fond Memories by Doyle

One of my favourite painters is d’Arcy Dolye. While I like many artists, Doyle captures the essence of my youth in country Australia in his paintings and reminds me of so many wonderful memories. Enough said. So I hope you enjoy his art as much as I do.

Doyle 1doyle 2
 doyle 3doyle 4
 doyle 5doyle 6
 doyle 7 doyle 8

5 thoughts on “Fond Memories by Doyle”

  1. Excellent question Kaz. If the truth be known, it is because they they can’t spell beer. It’s an old Aussie joke about those Banana Benders up north!

    1. Yes, used to be one of those banana-benders myself for a time. Gads, but I miss Brisbane of the 90s.

  2. Love these paintings Derek from the era of Chips Rafferty, when Aus was truly Aus. :D

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