Careful What You Tweet – Big Brother Is Watching You

Big Brother is watching you!Big Brother is watching you!

It’s very easy to forget as we lie back on our sofas with our laptops, iPads and smart phones, Tweeting and Facebooking away that we are being continuously monitored.

Unaware of the possible consequences of out little text exchanges. As happened recently to a young Saudi newspaper columnist, whose Tweet has him into seriously, hot water. The newspaper report indicates that the young man could possibly face the death penalty.

In some ways, it is very easy to imagine that all the social media and social networking choices we have available to us now on the Internet were actually started by intelligence gathering agencies. What better form to initiate a Big Brother controlled world? Hello, are you there Winston Smith?

Another reason to believe we have been deluded into thinking that smart young innocent geeks started all these sites is that even countries with oppressive regimes are quite pleased to allow social networking to operate within their borders. While there is the angle that sites such as Facebook generate billions of dollars in advertising revenues, this really is peanuts compared to the value of knowing exactly what over 800 million Facebook users are doing each day. Oh, and where they are, what they are saying and even more importantly, who they are associating with. Rich pickings indeed for the CIA, MI5, Mossad et al.

Then there is another sinister Big Brother possibility. Not only could you be being monitored by a bunch of spooks sitting in front of a row of computer screens, but what about some of the friends you have on these sites. How many of them could possibly be spooks as well and instead of just monitoring, are perhaps actively involving you in conversation looking for information?

I really wish my imagination wasn’t so active. Of course, this can’t be true. We live in a free world with democracy on the rise and news bulletins full of friendly smiling politicians. All peace and love and baby kissing. No, social networking was created by innocent, pimply young computer geeks who just wanted to have some fun and make the world a nicer, friendlier place.

Yeah, sure.

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  1. google “anticipates buying patterns” when we use the search engine to find items we need then “suggests possible websites” based upon our potential to need those items. there are data gathering sites which innocuously grab this data, and sell it to the highest bidder. now if AGX Corporation with one corporate officer listed on the filing papers, incorporated in Delaware, but with offices in the Bahamas, and another bogus named Corp officer holding it’s only contact point, buys this data on your and I, then we are in a world where every single search ever made on Google is available to anyone, including yes, Iranian or Chinese cyber Armies, the hacker Group Anonymous, or the CIA. God Forbid we actually know this about them all, we are a threat to them, we might actually see thru the propaganda campaign they assume we all accept. not me, I believe that all these sites are out for truth, justice and the american way!!

    was there ever any doubt who wanted Facebook to succeed when MySpace was bigger, and got there first??? ha!!

    I tweet at @Samuel_Clemons

  2. Winston Smith regrets that he must decline your friend invite. He’s in deep therapy, trying to overcome his fear of rats.

    Anybody care to point out somewhere that democracy is on the rise these days?

    1. Democracy Catana is a satirical word I like to throw into my writing from time to time. Along with equality, justice and freedom. All hilarious vocab!

      1. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my cynicism about all those noble words. Have you gotten used to being accused of negativity? Cheery illusions are positive; facts are negative.

        1. My whole reputation is based on negativity Catana. I pride myself on my deft use of double and even triple grammatical negatives! ‘There ain’t nothin’ I don’t know nought about’ :)

        2. Next to the birth of my son and meeting my ficnae .this was right up there as one of the happiest days of my life. Thanks so much to the Sofitel for making mine and Shawn’s dreams come true. Thanks again to everyone and as soon as Shawn gets a clean bill of health .the planning will begin.

  3. At the risk of being branded a loon, Derek, I share your views. I cringe at the kind of personal information people post online. My brother is a prime example.On twitter and facebook, he gets involved in heated discussions, and sometimes shows me his comments afterwards. I’m shocked at the type of things he feels free to say online. Yes, freedom of speech is great, but at the same time, he is also a businessman. I have often warned him, saying what if a prospective customer googles his name. What kind of impression will be formed of his professionalism, and his character?

  4. Too true Niki. The other aspect people easily forget is that most HR departments now routinely do a social media and Google search of prospective employees. As well as current employees!

    Makes slagging off your boss a very dangerous practice.

  5. HI MR. Derek,

    How are you? I do agree with your insight. being careful with the social media site on giving up too much personal info. I have once been victimize by them. Thank you for sharing your informative post.

  6. What I find most shocking about social media is that everyone takes advantage of the anonymity of it to say the most poisonous things. I find it cowardly, and unnecessary.

    And yes, I am often confused by how imprudent other people are with their words and their personal information and their personal issues and opinions.

    I often DM my friends, questioning whether they realize what they’re saying and the consequences of their posts.

  7. Ruben: Unfortunately your comment was muengd in exactly the same way as my post. I believe that I have now corrected the error you referr to.Vaclav: Thanks for that! It’s a pity it’s not in the man page.

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