Breaking The Blogging Rules

Breaking The Blogging RulesAlthough it may seem odd to some who know me, I do read, listen and digest information. I like to understand, analyse and absorb people’s ideas and ways of thinking. It’s just a nasty rumour that I can only absorb beer.

In an effort to improve my blogging skills, I read a large number of articles and blogs and tried to heed some of the advice. Correct spelling, good grammar with images. Tick. No major problems there. Except that, I love double negatives. Then there was something about permalinks and tagging, which I didn’t understand so I ignored. Then there was some advice about comments, content length, categories and type faces. All great stuff. So good in fact, I took notes.

Then there was this idea about sending my blog to dedicated blog search engines. Oh, this was new. And interesting. So off I went to register my blog. It was then I discovered that I needed to describe my blog in 1000 characters or less. Great! A chance to write about myself. I drafted this clever 999 character description.

‘Derek’s Vandal Blog started with the idea of clearly and narrowly focusing, and concentrating on, anything and everything. If I was asked to describe my writing style, I would think carefully, wait a few seconds, and then answer, I have no idea! There have been so many influences for me that it has ended up as a fruit salad style. Depends what fruits are in season. So this style really suits the blog’s narrow focus.

For some reason, I was created a little over ten years ago at the age of 42, and then just started writing books, novels, poetry, songs and anything else one can do with a pencil and piece of paper. Everything is a bit of a blur before that. A strange blueish blur in fact.

I tend to write best in a horizontal position which makes for a lot of wear and tear on my sofa and annoys everyone around me who would like to use the sofa from time to time. Once they have moved all the books, papers, files, laptops, CDs and cigarette butts, there’s normally enough space for them, but I tend to reclaim my territory quite quickly.

I think that covers everything.’

I posted this everywhere I could. I was so proud of myself. Then I went back to the advice articles, and read the following important advice.

‘Always keep a blog focused on one single topic and never try to cover more than your specific area of knowledge. Keep your writing style consistent and remind your readers of your special expertise.’

Right now? How do I un-publish all those not so clever 999 character blog and personal assassination descriptions?

7 thoughts on “Breaking The Blogging Rules”

  1. I think correct spelling and reasonable grammar help to make it look like you know what you're doing and are familiar with the tools of the trade (ie writing). Self-appointed experts can't dictate the content or focus of your blog, they can merely offer advice. To follow or not to follow their advice – your choice.


  2. Oh my gosh – there are Rules??? I haven't been following any of them. Am I doomed?

    On a serious note though…
    It's a bit crazy to let others dictate how one should blog. There are always great tips and advice that will be of great help–but one might want to take this kind of thing with a grain of salt. What works for one person wont necessarily work for another. Plus, whose identity are you establishing exactly–when you're following someone else's formula for creatign your web-presence?

  3. i totally understand what you mean about ignoring the tags and permalinks part… i didn't even realize my 'webpage' was a 'blog' until i travelled to the states…

  4. I found your blog on Twitter – you were “similar” to me, and if that is true, I am exceedingly flattered.
    I love this post because it made me laugh and think about why I write. I realized that even if no one reads my writing I will continue to write and post. I think the only people who do read my stuff are folks who I know personally. I get occasional comments about how they like my blog but rarely do people actually comment. As a result, I often think I am just writing a diary and posting it on the web. And, that’s ok with me.
    Rules? Gosh, I don’t think so. What is the point of rules if only to think of a way to have lots of people read your blog? Stop. Wait a minute! How cool would it be to have someone with whom I share neither history or DNA read my blog?


  5. Donna Cummings

    I loved your description! My blog topics tend to be about breaking the rules of writing, even though I didn't start with that particular goal in mind. :) So it seems to me that your blurb is more accurate and flexible. You'll have room to grow too. :)


  6. Okay, Derek. The beer part. See, I do read your posts! You did drink one for me on Sunday, wasn't it? Rules! Hah!! Since when do you or I need rules to write what we think? Let them publish their rules. I bet they don't even follow their own rules. Most of the rule makers have diarrhea of the mouth anyway. Continue as you are mate. I happen to love your posts the way they are. We need some fun and laughter in our lives and you do provide that. That's why I read it.Changing subjects is just a flow of ideas, right? Carry on!!!!

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