Branding A Child’s Brain

mother gooseI was intrigued recently by the concentration of a young child of four years old watching a DVD. The intensity of his gaze and the length of time that his attention was held was quite a contrast to the activity and tantrums that preceded the ninety minute DVD. I started to think that his little brain was being etched with these images, as he was staring so intently.

Then I started to think about images that I have retained from my childhood, and the more I thought, the more images came to mind. Not from a DVD mind you, as there was no television for me, but from imagery that was still repetitively etched into my mind.

One of these was Mother Goose. I can remember my nursery rhyme book so vividly and the pictures, all in black, yellow and orange that were my reality of what England was like for a young boy in an Australian country town. Maypoles, fayres and rats. Then there was the Queen. Sitting on her horse, dressed in red with a sword on her hip. And me, standing to attention for the Anthem. We all had to get out of the car to stand though, because this happened every Friday night at the drive-in.

Do I need to mention Noddy, Big Ears, Golliwogs, Dick & Dora and Mickey Mouse?

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  1. It is always nice to get insight on someones background geographically and otherwise.
    I was fortunate enough to have television.
    My great grandparents were the first to own a television on the street. Or so I am told. Neighbors and family would gather around their tiny television to watch the fights. Boxing was big back then. My uncle Jim was a boxer. He fought Joe Lewis and of course wasn't standing long.
    I remember watching the first man walk on the moon. My Great grandfather was afraid that they would bring "them" back here and "they" would take all of our jobs.
    I remember watching the Wonderful World of Disney every Sunday evening at six o'clock.
    I'll never forget the thrill of seeing Happy the Clown in color for the first time. Captain Kangaroo was a favorite as well.
    Books were fun too! I remember reading Dr. Seuss over and over. Ten apples on top and Green eggs and Ham.
    Everyone read Black Beauty. A Child's garden of verse by Robert Louis Stevenson was a favorite of mine. and who could forget fun with Dick and Jane. See spot run. Run spot run. run, run, run. See Sally jump. Jump Sally Jump. Jump, Jump, Jump.
    It was a time when kids played outside until dark and families ate dinner together.
    There was something very special and exciting about that first cold fall evening. I can still smell the dirt on the hilly lot where we would play army. Our cheeks rosy from the cold and that first sight of white breath coming from our mouths.
    Oh! just the chance to be near my first love. Even at the tender age of six my heart went a flutter at the sight of Frankie Devlin. I can see him in his tan cor dory jacket.
    Ahh the sights, smells and sounds of our childhood.
    We should all take the time to see things through a child's eyes. The sight of a bird in flight, A beautiful butterfly and wow! who could forget those really cool fireflies

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