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timeless evergreen blog postsTimeless posts keep a blog fresh and worth reading.

Blogs have certainly replaced static websites, as the centre of activity for almost all businesses and personal promotion. But of course, writing new blog posts or articles is very time consuming, however keeping a blog fresh with new content is important in making sure that a blog gets repeat visitors and this is where timeless posts can help.

Blog posts are also a vital component of social media, as they are often the very best means of attracting both new and repeat visitors by way of Twitter and Facebook messages with a link back. For my own blogs, this represents around 70% of my web traffic every day.

So how can you keep a blog fresh, have informative, interesting or entertaining content to share, and still have time in your day to do what you need to be doing? Write timeless posts. Here’s a good explanation of how to write timeless posts.

While many bloggers add content on a regular basis, it is often poor value content, such as an update on the progress of a project like a book, which will date very quickly and only be of use for a week or so. The other popular method is to re-blog content from other blogs. This is also low value, as it is often content that has been shared widely by others, so attracts little attention.

To be able to have fresh and useable content for a blog, the better approach is to write less often, but write longer posts that are timeless. This means that the subject matter or advice will be just as relevant in one or two years, as it is at the time of writing. Not only can these posts be recycled on social media over time, they can also be updated with usually only very minor edits. Advice articles work the best especially if they answer a question because they will be highly ranked by Google and attract search engine traffic. Examples could be posts such as on how to lower resolution, resize or crop an image, how to find the best keywords for a Kindle ebook, where to find information on ebook file conversion or advice on starting a new blog with WordPress.

Depending on your knowledge and area of expertise, there are probably hundreds of ideas you could share with your blog readers.

Obviously, you can’t write every blog post with timelessness in mind, as you will always have current news to share on your blog. But what you should do, is add some new categories to your blog posts, which will make it easier for you to manage the distribution of your content on social media.

For example, I add the category of ‘Dated’ to any post that is current news only. Maybe a blog post about Apple Watch for example. For timeless posts, I add the category ‘Active’. By using categories I can quickly sort my old posts, which in my case number well over 1,500 now, and either use certain posts for reposting to Twitter or looking back on posts that were written a while ago and refresh them.

Of my 1,500 or so blog posts, around 650 are timeless, so they are a great resource I can use to keep my social media streams active, or I can use them to create fresh content by updating, adding or changing the focus of an article.

One vitally important point to know is that new visitors to your blog almost never arrive at your home page. They arrive at a blog post from links, searches or backlinks from other sites. This is precisely why timeless posts are of such high value to your blog, as it usually these posts that attract new visitors, so they need to be highly informative.

So when you next write a new post for your blog, think about how long it will be informative to your readers, and more importantly, for new readers to your blog in a month, or even a year’s time. Writing timeless posts will achieve all of these aims.

4 thoughts on “Timeless Posts – The Smart Way To Blog”

  1. Excellent advice Derek, and I have to admit I hadn’t thought about categorizing posts like this. I’ve written far fewer posts than you have, but still I see the pattern you speak of. Some are as fresh today as when I wrote them, and some are very dated and of little interest to anyone (but me, perhaps). Salient points I will definitely keep in mind from now on. Thanks. :)

  2. Glad to hear that you thought it useful, Cathy. It’s also a great time saver once you get into the habit. Good luck with your blogging!

  3. I agree with Cathy. What an interesting idea for categorizing posts. I’ve never re-Twittered an old post, but if it’s a timeless piece and you’re not spamming, it makes sense to. And you’re right–I found your blog through a link to this post ;)

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